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2020 - Present

the client

For some time we’d been looking to partner with a charity that’s not only making the world a better place, but doing so through the use of technology – and so our partnership with the Turing Trust was born.

Their mission is to empower disadvantaged communities using information technology-enabled learning, and over the years, they have helped thousands of people to do just that. Since 2020, we’ve been working with them to help build their online presence to raise awareness and encourage donations. 

the challenge

In 2019, The Turing Trust had a complete rebrand and was now faced with the challenge of implementing this new branding across all digital channels – and this is where we come in. 

We wanted to Develop a new on-brand website designed to drive donations and tell The Turing Trust’s story

Build a powerful online presence to increase their reach, raise awareness and optimise their performance

Connect with influencers that align with the Turing Trust’s values to tap into new, engaged audiences & garner support

the solution

During the first lockdown, our team worked hard to develop a professional, on-brand website that conveys the vision and values of The Turing Trust. In just three months, we were able to build a new, on-brand website that saw drastic improvements across the board. Since launching the new site in September 2020, we’ve seen…

To enhance our web dev work, we’ve assisted The Turing Trust with several online and offline marketing channels, including:

– Social media marketing (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter)

– Email marketing

– Influencer marketing/ podcasting

– Search engine optimisation (SEO)

– In-person events

the Outcome

Despite the pandemic, we were able to successfully launch the Turing Trust’s new website in a matter of 3 months. Not only is the site engaging, on-brand and aligned with the vision of The Turing Trust, it’s also a key tool for raising awareness and driving donations. 

To optimise the new site’s performance, we devised an SEO strategy which we continue to revise as the charity evolves, ensuring The Turing Trust secures a top spot in the search engine results pages for key target terms, including #1 for computer donation.

From reaching an engaged global audience for zero cost with the help of influencer marketing (partners include Rand Fishkin, Sonya Barlow and Tom Moody) to building relationships with new and existing supporters via email and social media, we’ve seen some fantastic results across multiple channels since working with The Turing Trust.

New Website

An engaged new audience

increased domations

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