Content strategies for ambitious B2B and professional service organisations

Boss Digital specialise in content strategies for ambitious B2B and professional service organisations.

When you engage with Boss, it’s like having your own team of brand experts, copy writers and designers, only with no overheads and a fraction the wage bill. We take complete ownership of your content strategy and will work on-site where required.

Above all, we understand that the impact of everything we do needs to be measured in pounds and pence. This is about results.

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Our ambition is to help raise standards across B2B, enterprise technology and professional service organisations by celebrating the leading minds and sharing their insight in a way that is concise and actionable.

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Think Big

In a world of digital saturation, good quality content is no longer enough. Your content strategy needs to be spearheaded by a goal so ambitious that people can’t help but take notice.

To the right you’ll see an example of exactly what we mean. In 2018 were tasked with developing a content strategy on behalf of an AI and robotics organisation that specialise in professional service sectors. Rather than churn out mediocre blog content we aimed higher and began building a community under a sub brand, around the vision of transforming the legal market and other professional service sectors to the benefit of both customers and employees.

In developing this ambitious strategy, we were able to engage many of the industry’s top experts, including 24 CEO’s and Managing Partners from major firms. We ran monthly events and captured content that could be used across all channels, from the blog and email to LinkedIn and Facebook. Most importantly, we were able to reduce the cost per acquisition for leads by 80%.

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It all begins with the blog

While all our strategies cover a broad range of channels, we want to ensure that we are developing the two assets the company owns, which are their website content and their email list. For the former, we therefore publish most of our content on the website’s blog, before chopping it up for use across other channels.

On most websites, the key objectives behind blog content are:

  • To grow long tail search traffic to the website
  • To capture email data
  • To aid overall search engine performance

You can see examples of our blog and whitepaper content below:

There is still no guarantee that you will be doing anything that the other major players in your market are doing. To ensure you cut through the noise and do something truly unique, you need to lead with a number of big ideas that spearhead all of your activity. Something that you could genuinely imagine your brand becoming famous for in years to come. The more audacious the better.

The best content you will ever get your hands on

We take a great deal of pride in our copywriting, but even we have to admit that there is one source of content that tops the list. And that’s content captured directly from market influencers. Who better to provide your insight than the very people disrupting and shaping the market in question.

Within the B2B space, influencers can be anything from company CEO’s through to subject matter experts. Not only is the content remarkable, but in engaging with these brilliant people we also:

  • Raise the credibility of the brand
  • Extend our reach among our target audience
  • Create direct networking and business development opportunities

To see exactly what we mean, check out the videos to the right or visit our content site,

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A picture paints a thousand words

Or more if it’s an infographic!

For many of our more technical clients, infographics can be a fantastic way of displaying complex subjects and ideas. Click on the examples below to see them in all their glory.

Facility videos

Increasingly, clients of B2B organisations want to get a sense of the business and people their working with. There are many ways to achieve this, but one great option is to provide video footage of the actual physical location.

Watch on the video to the right to see what we mean.

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Content framework

In order to ensure the smooth production of consistently effective and high quality B2B content, it’s essential there is a clear structure in place that segments the content by:


What are the topics we will be talking about?


Will the content be in video, text or image form? What will the precise format of each look like?


Is the content intended to help the website be found in the search engines? Is it there to engage and educate an existing audience? Is it intended to inspire a connection with a new audience? Is it intended to drive sales?


Where will this content be placed? The blog? Email? Social media?

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