The Boss Team

Boss is a team of talented and tenacious marketers, each working to become their best.

Our Team

Every brand boasts about having the best team. But seriously, these guys…

Dan Holt

Managing Director

Liam Parker

Operations Director

Markham -Jones

head of content

Catherine Carter

Content Manager

Angus Nutman

Digital Marketing Manager

Siobhan Thomas

Admin & Finance Manager

Olivia Stott


Victoria Losty

Account Manager, B2B & Professional Services

Laura Crossley

Content Manager

Chris Monks

Web Designer

Become a Boss

We’re less interested in cv’s than we are in the story behind them. We want to understand why you’re pursuing this path and how far you’re willing to push yourself to make it a success. If you’re looking to do amazing work, push your limits and achieve your goals, we’d love to talk.

Flexible Working

We want to get the best out of our team and that means treating them as individuals. For the extroverts in the group, we meet once a week. For everyone else, it's once a month.

Personal Development

We have a massive emphasis on personal development – when someone joins Boss we have a 3 month training programme followed by a little exam (not as scary as it sounds!). This ensures we each understand the whole business, the challenges faced by our colleagues and how it all fits together.


We may only be a small agency, but we take a highly strategic role for our clients and have an often transformative impact on the success of their organisations. If you’re looking to do great work and have a big impact, you’ll fit right in.

Join our Team

First and foremost, we must be absolutely exceptional at the things clients pay us for. We must possess an immaculate understanding of our,

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