4 simple principles and 1 big question – the easiest way to think about SEO

SEO is a big subject. Just ask anyone that’s made the mistake of bringing it up near me at a social event – I will suck every ounce of fun/oxygen out of that room and turn it into 60 minutes you will (mercifully) never remember.

But in amongst the joy-killing detail, there are four simple principles (followed by one BIG question) that, when understood, can ensure you’re doing it better than anyone else in your space.

1. When people buy stuff, they have loads of fears, hopes and questions – more than you could possibly imagine.

2. Every one of these needs a page on your website – that’s a lot of pages!

3. Each of these pages should connect with the other pages that address related fears, hopes and questions – that’s a lot of links!

4. And it should all be done in a way that looks good / is easy to understand / navigate.

You’ll never reach the end of this process. There will ALWAYS be another question to answer. Another fear to alleviate.

So the question is this – are you creating these pages faster than your competitors??

If they’re adding 5 pages a month with 800 words each, are you adding 6 pages with 1000 words each?

That’s it. That’s SEO*.

But should you ever require the extended version, I’d be only too happy to oblige. Just make sure you’ve got a clear diary and a comfortable chair, because this human landing page is about to go long form…