5 Technology Companies Showing ALT Ways To Take CTRL Of Instagram

When you think of Instagram, what comes to mind? For most, it’s filters, hashtags and influencers. For us, it’s a powerful marketing tool. When it comes to technology, it could be oh-so-easy to simply post photos of your product and list the features and benefits – but where’s the fun in that? When interviewed for an article on Boss to Boss, Rory Sutherland (Vice Chairman of Ogilvy) spoke about how the most successful marketing comes from being unconventional, and that’s exactly what Instagram is all about. To succeed you need to show creativity and innovation. Think, what makes you unique? If you’re looking for inspiration, here’s 5 brands to show you how it’s done.

Apple (@apple)

Apple’s latest campaign #ShotoniPhone encourages users to share content they’ve captured using their iPhones for a chance to be featured to their 4 million followers. The campaign has proven to be a great success, with over 16 million images currently being shared using the hashtag. 

Technology Companies On Instagram - Apple

User-generated content is a clever way of encouraging people to purchase your products. People buy from people, and you can’t get more personal than user-generated content. It’s essentially providing a strong review from a credible source. For example, if Apple tells you how great their new iPhone camera is, you’re likely to be a bit sceptical, however if another user shows you how good the camera is, you’ve got no reason to doubt the claim. It’s also a great way to show you value your customers – by putting the focus on them, you can make them feel involved in your business, helping to build trust and loyalty. 

Facebook (@facebook)

Facebook’s mission is to give people the power to connect so they can build communities and bring the world closer together – and that’s exactly what their Instagram does. They use their platform to encourage people to make a change, sharing inspirational stories of empowering people. Ultimately, they want to motivate people to solve problems by showing how it can be done. 

Technology Companies On Instagram - Facebook

Facebook focuses on sharing the stories of those from troubled backgrounds and underrepresented groups. They give a voice to the people who are frequently overlooked, connecting them to society through the power of social media. 

HP (@hp)

HP shows their audience exactly how their products can be used, offering a range of free downloadable materials to be printed using their products. Ensuring their content is relevant, they tailor their posts to significant events; from printable cards for mother’s day to downloadable learning activities to support families through the COVID-19 lockdowns. This aligns perfectly with their mission to provide their customers with solutions and value. 

Technology Companies on Instagram - HP

By frequently providing their customers with a value offering, they are laying the foundations for their future call to actions. If you are constantly giving value to your customers, when you do eventually ask for something in return, they are more likely to feel compelled to comply – think of it as returning the favour. 

Netflix (@netflix)

Following in the footsteps of the iconic ‘Netflix and Chill’ era, Netflix adopts a playful approach to Instagram, adding captions that will make you #LOL to stills taken from their shows. Essentially, they are making their own memes – and what do people do with memes? They share them. Every piece of content posted on Instagram by Netflix is published to entertain, not promote. 

Technology Companies On Instagram - Netflix

Along with engaging their followers with comical posts, Netflix frequently uploads exclusive content from their top shows and films, encouraging new followers by creating serious FOMO.  Netflix posts for their audience – not themselves – and it doesn’t go unappreciated. With over 24.5 million followers, and thousands of likes and comments per post, it’s clear they’ve got being #instafamous on lock.  

Amazon (@amazon)

Amazon is on a mission to empower businesses and creators whilst becoming the “Earth’s most customer-centric company”. To do this, they use Instagram to humanise their brand, exploring the personal journeys of both their employees and vendors. Through the inclusion of a diverse range of people, Amazon becomes more relatable and is able to appeal to a mass audience.

Technology Companies on Instagram - Amazon

Focusing on becoming the world’s most customer-centric brand, Amazon ensures they always keep the focus on their customer. No matter the post, they always close by highlighting how they are helping their customers – from becoming more sustainable to improving how they complete everyday tasks.  

Over to you 

These 5 diverse approaches show there really is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution to Instagram. The content you post should be whatever fits best with your brand and helps you to achieve your goals. Just make sure to stay true to yourself and your audience. In the words of a truly stereotypical Instagrammer: you do you, boo. 


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