AI Trends Part 3 – Not a content guru? Then AI content writing tools could be the solution

AI content writing tools are a relatively new technology catching the attention of marketers and businesses worldwide. They can be used in any sector – including the legal industry – and, in theory, offer users a fast and relatively cheap way to produce content.

AI content writing tools:

  • Are sometimes free – but you usually need to pay a subscription fee
  • Require only minimal user input – the app does the hard grafting for you
  • Can be used to create any digital document – including blogs and web pages

Should your law firm invest in AI content writing tools? Let’s dig deeper into this fascinating topic to find out.


How do AI content writing tools work?

AI content writing tools won’t replace fully-trained copywriters anytime soon. At present such apps are used to supplement workload or as planning tools to generate content ideas for busy organisations with limited or zero in-house human resources.

AI content writing tools work in one of two ways:

  1. By generating tailored copy for clients – ideal if you run a marketing agency
  2. By generating copy for a specified niche – ideal for legal organisations

To test how well these apps work we rewrote this blog using AI content writing software. You can find the version here and we’d love to hear your views.

How is AI copywriting used by law firms?

For lawyers, it’s all in the detail. Creating user-friendly content that’ll convey the complexity of a particular facet of law, for example, is therefore extremely challenging for these organisations.

AI copywriting tools solve this issue by generating ideas based on headings, keywords and phrases entered by the user – saving them hours of work that can be used more effectively elsewhere.

An AI content writing app could:

  • Help you achieve better page rankings – because you’ll be publishing content of high quality more often
  • Give you the edge over competitors who lack the time and in-house expertise to produce copy
  • Increase the visibility of your brand by helping you reach more prospects

Content is King typed on retro typewriter

Which AI content writing tools are best?

The Internet is full-to-bursting with AI writing apps. Some are poorly coded and produce expectedly low-quality output. Contrastingly, others produce content that sounds authentically human.

Here are three to pique your interest…

  • Rytr is a free AI content writing tool that requires only minimal input to create blogs, web pages and more. You can even pick your preferred tone of voice.
  • Jasper offers a free trial of 10,000 words and, according to online reviews, produces near error-free content to streamline the writing process.
  • CopyAI is a writing tool that claims to increase conversion rates by generating high-quality marketing collateral in a matter of seconds.

Is AI content writing worth the investment?

AI content writing tools are still in their infancy. In other words, they’re not perfect. But then again, don’t even experienced writers make mistakes?

Also, consider…

  • There’s no substitute for instinct. A person can write content from the hip – using real-world knowledge to tell a story to their readers convincingly.
  • Machines don’t always understand contexts – meaning they can unintentionally go off-topic.
  • AI content writing tools can’t precisely replicate your tone of voice, so some editing will still be required.

AI content app versus a real-world copywriter – which is better?

Hiring a copywriter could cost more than subscribing to an app. But it’s not a question of economics. Rather, it’s a question of quality. True enough, you could treble your content output and cut your marketing budget in half by subscribing to one of the tools mentioned above – but at what cost if the output is poor?

We would recommend using AI content writing tools:

  • For research purposes – i.e. to generate headline ideas or outlines
  • To fill resource gaps when team members or freelancers are away

If you’re intent on using AI technology to increase content output then trial three apps and give each an identical task. That way you can compare performance fairly across all platforms.

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