No More Mailing Misconduct: Learn the Basics of Email Marketing for Law Firms


4 billion people use email every day. That’s a lot of people waiting to be engaged with. You’d think it’s just B2C brands that can capitalise on people’s inboxes, but that isn’t the case. Email marketing for law firms is catching on fast in the professional services sector too.

So, if email marketing for law firms is lucrative, why are so few law firms capitalising on it? After all, it’s a great way to engage and nurture your leads

Here are some email marketing tips your business can take advantage of immediately.

What is email marketing for law firms? 

If you’re an email novice, worry not. We’re here to run you through the basics. Email marketing is a powerful marketing tool you can use to promote your product or service and build rapport with your audience.

The benefits of email marketing for law firms

#1 Interact with your audience

Email marketing forces a user to take action and interact with your content. Even if they’re archiving or deleting the email, they’ve had to click and acknowledge it to do so. Even in a worst-case scenario, there’s brand awareness to be gleaned.

#2 Maintain brand visibility

You can also stay connected with your audience through email marketing. They might not need your services right away. And that’s okay! When you’re at the forefront of their minds, they’ll approach you when the time comes.

#3 Test and consistently improve content

It’s also a really unique channel as it allows you to run A/B testing effortlessly. Maybe your audience might respond better to a certain style of subject line or content? Test it with your email marketing!  

Email marketing really does it all. It helps with lead generation, lead nurturing, brand awareness, and engagement – what more could you ask for?

#4 Build an email list to market to

Before you can reap the rewards of a great campaign, you first need an email marketing list. Your email marketing list is a collection of users’ emails you can market to. 

Your list might consist of previous and potential clients. But what if you don’t have an email list at all? Well, we have a bit of advice to help you get started:

  • Don’t buy an email list. Most email marketing platforms won’t let you use purchased lists due to GDPR violations. It’s best to get people’s permission first before sending them emails as they’ll be expecting to hear from you.
  • Create gated content. If you’re making valuable content for prospects to consume, gate it to capture as many emails as possible. That way, recipients consensually provide their details and get something in return. 
  • Put CTAs on other channels. Current and potential clients use your website and visit your blog or social media feed. Make sure they’re aware you’re venturing into the world of email marketing for law firms – then use a slick CTA to subscribe them to your list.
  • Open a dialogue with customers. Talk to your customers and get to know what they want from your business. Instead of constantly selling, find out how they’re feeling with surveys. It can help users feel they’re being listened to and will put them off unsubscribing – so your email list doesn’t dwindle once you’ve built it up. 

#5 Create an email content plan

Email marketing for law firms only works in conjunction with a clear content strategy. What do you want to say and what impact are you hoping to make with your strategy?

Your email content aims will most likely be:

  • Education – showing how your services are relevant to your customer’s needs
  • Visibility – keeping your brand front and centre of your audience’s mind
  • Promotion – telling prospects what you do and why you do it best
  • Value – giving your readers something valuable for free
  • Offers – finding a way to entice recipients to buy

Trying to combine all the above into a single email will create confusion. So, create clear messages your audience will understand – so they can take the required action.

#6 Segment your target audience

Email marketing for law firms is about effective targeting (as with any other sector). That’s why it’s important to break your contacts list down according to their needs, interests, and location.

Deluge email prospects with irrelevant messages and they’ll unsubscribe – resulting in lost opportunities and revenue. So, think carefully about the work you’ve completed for them and organise your list accordingly.

#7 Build better rapport with your audience

Social posts are public and therefore feel less personal. After all, you’re addressing a broad group of people in one fell swoop. Email, on the other hand, feels like a two-way conversation.

Of course, email marketing for law firms is about writing engaging content too. Adding a recipient’s name to a message won’t create that all-important connection. Showing you understand their needs in an upbeat and personal way will.

Email marketing for law firms is what we do…

At BOSS Digital we work closely with professional services firms like yours – using our expertise in email, content writing and website design to create solid engagement that converts into pounds and pence.

Contact us to book your free consultation and, in the meantime, check out our Ultimate Guide to email marketing.

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