No More Mailing Misconduct: Learn the Basics of Email Marketing for Law Firms

4 billion people use emails every day. That’s billion with a ‘B’! That’s a lot of people waiting around to be engaged with. You’d think that it’s just B2C brands that can best capitalise on people’s inboxes, but that simply isn’t the case. Email marketing is one of the most powerful forms of digital marketing for B2B businesses. Its return on investment vastly outperforms any other form of marketing, with £42 being made for ever £1 spent. Email marketing for law firms is lucrative, and yet, many law firms don’t capitalise on it. 

We think that many law firms are missing out on the best form of digital marketing. Email marketing for law firms is a great way to engage and nurture your leads. That’s why we’re dropping our top tips on email marketing for law firms so your business can take full advantage of this cheap, effective technique. 

What is email marketing for law firms? 

If you’re a complete email novice, worry not. We’re here to run you through the basics. Email marketing is an incredibly powerful marketing channel (both a direct marketing and digital marketing tool) that utilises email to promote your product or service. It’s an email directed to your audience based to encourage them into action – whatever you decide that action should be.

Email marketing

The advantages of email marketing for law firms

Email marketing sounds great, but what specifically is it about this particular channel that allows for such an amazing impact? 

The great thing about email marketing is that it forces a user to take action and interact with your content. Even if they’re archiving or deleting the email, they’ve had to click and acknowledge your email to do so. Hopefully, they won’t be binning you off, but even in a worst-case scenario, there’s a bit of brand awareness to be gleaned.

You can also stay connected with your audience through email marketing. They might not have a need for your services right away. That’s okay! When you’re consistently in their inbox, and therefore in the forefront of their minds, they’ll be sure to approach your firm when they do need you. 

It’s also a really unique channel as it allows you to run A/B testing effortlessly. Maybe your audience might respond better to a certain style of subject line or content? Test it with your email marketing!  

Email marketing really does it all. It helps with lead generation, lead nurturing, brand awareness, engagement – and what more could you ask for?

Email list

How to build an email marketing list

Before you can start repealing the rewards of a great email marketing campaign, you first need an email marketing list. Your email marketing list is a collection of users’ emails that you can send your email marketing campaigns to. So, when it comes to email marketing for law firms, your list might consist of previous and potential clients. But what if you don’t have an email list at all? Well, we have a bit of advice to get you started:

  • Don’t be tempted to buy an email list. Most email marketing platforms won’t allow you to use purchased lists due to GDPR violations. Also, it’s a GDPR violation! It’s best to get people’s permission first before sending them emails as they’ll be expecting to hear from you and exciting to hear from you, too! If you’re a complete surprise, you might get lucky, but you’ll most likely be immediately blocked. 
  • Create gated content. If you’re making valuable, informative content for potential leads to consume, be sure to gate it to capture as many emails as you can. That way, potential leads consensually provide their details to you and get something in return. 
  • Put CTAs around your other channels. Your current and potential clients occupy your other channels like your website, blog or social media. Make sure they’re aware you’re about to venture into the exciting world of email marketing for law firms and give them a CTA so they can hand over their email addresses. 
  • Open a dialogue with your customers. Use your email marketing to talk to your current customers and really get to know what they want to see from your business. Take the occasional break from trying to sell to your customers and find out how they’re feeling with surveys. It can help users feel like they’re being listened to and will help put them off unsubscribing, so your email list doesn’t dwindle once you’ve built it up. 
Two men fighting over mailbox
Pictured: How your potential leads feel when they’re on an email list they haven’t signed up for

We’ve laid the basics for your budding email marketing campaign, but we’re not quite done yet! In our next post, we’ll be taking you through the best practices when you’re creating your next campaign. If you’d prefer to leave things to the experts, we’re experts at all things email marketing for law firms. Contact us today for a free consultation or check out our Ultimate Guide to email marketing!