Beating the recession (2): Top recession-proof marketing strategies for law firms

With inflation sitting at 10.1% it’s clear the UK is in the early stages of a recession. And so, understandably, businesses are seeking ways to thrive (or at the very least survive) during this turbulent economic period. The answer? Recession-proof marketing.

Of course, there are no guarantees. But by creating a recession-proof marketing strategy you’ll your law firm will stand a better chance of weathering the storm compared to competitors that do nothing.

In this short guide we’ll discuss:

  • The benefits of investing in your website
  • How to streamline your social feeds
  • Why email marketing matters
  • The importance of data


5 recession-proof marketing strategies that work

Take control of the future by following these five simple steps…

#1 Make data your friend

Relying on intuition or a hunch is a bad idea during a suppressed economic climate where every decision should be designed to (a) minimise risk and (b) maximise revenue generation.

By digging deep into your data, you can tailor marketing activity to suit your audience’s wants and needs – resulting in more effective targeting and higher conversions.

With that in mind:

  • Use Google Analytics to understand who’s looking at your website, when, and to what degree. Are traffic volumes high but conversions low? Then you’re probably using the wrong keywords and phrases.
  • Use the ‘People Also Ask’ feature in Google Search to identify questions your audience is asking. Using this data, you can create tailored FAQ pages to attract the right people.
  • Visit forums and join groups on social channels to get unfiltered feedback from your target demographic and create a truly robust recession-proof marketing plan.

#2 Increase email marketing

Email and website marketing are two digital assets that sits within your creative control. Think about it. You can’t change your competitors’ content. And anyone can say anything they like about your law firm on Trustpilot or Google Reviews.

Make email part of your recession-proof marketing strategy and…

  • Target demographics with tailored messaging
  • Build brand awareness for free – or next to nothing
  • Request and collate feedback using surveys
  • Direct more digital footfall to your website
  • Create dynamic campaigns at short notice

Make email part of your marketing strategies to reach your audience seamlessly and build rapport that’s hard to create via other channels.

#3 Streamline social content

Social media costs nothing. But what returns are you getting from Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn? Let’s be transparent: during this turbulent period, social platforms will minimise the visibility of organic traffic – adjusting their algorithms to promote paid content instead.

Posting on social channels just because they’re free isn’t recession-proof marketing.  – Ii It’s throwing away good money. So, if your posts aren’t generating leads, look at other ways to spend your pounds and pence instead.

4# Optimise your website

Is your website working hard enough? Like email this is content you own and which, therefore, cannot be changed or influenced by third parties. 

So, what can be done to turn your website into a recession-proof marketing tool?

  • Test your website speed using a tool like Screaming Frog. Slow website speeds affect web rankings – so running a comprehensive audit will highlight deficiencies.
  • Audit your content. Is it relevant? Are you posting often enough?  Are your blogs, articles, and other digital resources loaded with the right keywords and phrases?
  • Consider user experience. Poor navigation, bad scrappy page layouts and ambiguous calls to action could contribute to confusion – causing visitors to abandon their journey.

If you want to thrive – rather than just survive – make website optimisation a key part of your marketing strategy.

#5 Never stop marketing

In a recessionary climate it’s tempting to cut down on marketing to reduce expenditure – then wait until things improve. 

But not spending won’t solve the problem. Instead, it will diminish the visibility of your brand, creating a void your competitors will fill.

Instead, remove unnecessary expenditures and reinvest money into efforts more likely to generate leads that’ll convert into measurable ROI.

As per the items in this short guide, recession-proof marketing needn’t be expensive either. 

  • Email marketing platforms like Mailchimp don’t cost the earth
  • Website costs are measured in terms of time spent by teams
  • Organic social content is free with no limit

Things will improve…

Recessions end and customer spending thereafter increases. In the meantime, if you want help creating a recession-proof marketing strategy contact our team to book a free consultation.

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