Best Of Inbound: June 2013

June 2013: Issue 1

Welcome to the first edition of ‘The Best of Inbound’. Each month we will be scouring the web for the best in actionable and informative inbound marketing content. Whether you’re a marketer or not, this monthly update will keep you firmly in the loop.

1. ‘PayDay Loans Update’ – The first Market-Specific Algorithm Change

After years of high-profile hacks and downright filthy black hat SEO tactics, Google took a direct swing at the payday loans market as well as a few others. The results were fascinating but also quite strange…

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2. E-mart Use A Shadow QR Code to Boost Lunch Time Sales

Korean supermarket chain E-Mart have found a very creative way to tackle the lunchtime sales slump at their stores. They are installing a ‘shadow QR code’ outside each store which is only scanable when the sun is in a certain position. The code gives shoppers access to special offers between 12pm and 1pm and is called the Sunny Sale!

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3. The .UK’s are Back But Not As We Feared

Nominet have re-opened the .UK proposal after suspending the debate for 4 months; the domain operator has taken on feedback and made some positive changes, but is it all good news?

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4. Confessions of a $100/Month SEO Client

Cheap SEO has always sold well, but all it delivers is a lighter wallet. Recently, there has been a strong movement towards a more holistic SEO approach that requires serious company input – not $100 of low cost automated delivery as this business owner explains.

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5. Introducing Video on Instagram

This month Instagram introduced video in order to bring users ‘another way to share their stories’. They have built 13 new video filters and the ability for users to choose their favourite scene as the video cover.

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