Capturing content from interviewees: five quick tips for B2B organisations

As an agency, we conduct a lot of interviews with thought leadersboth for ourselves and also on behalf of our clients. So, I just want to run through some of the main benefits and reasons we do this.,

#1 When capturing content, quality matters

The first is in terms of the quality of the content actually captured. This is the top 1% in that particular field; so the content you can capture is awesome. Secondly, that content is very often evergreen in nature – which means it can be reused and repurposed across all channels every few months over and over again. So it’s really efficient.

#2 Capturing content? Don’t forget to repurpose it too

The next thing, again from an efficiency point of view, is that interviews conducted in video format can be chopped up into individual questions – which is actually how we like to digest this kind of content anyway. But that also means that, rather than just having one long video, you have a half a dozen at the end of it.  So you can very quickly buildup this real bank of content.

#3 Let your influencer do the driving – it’s what they excel at

From a marketing perspective, these interviewees will often drive the bulk of the promotion of that piece of content. After all, they haven’t got to where they are in life byunder estimating the value of good self-PR. So, again, really, really, efficient.

#4 Build relationships by asking your interviewees questions

This is a greatway of building relationships with these key individuals, these key influencers within that target sector. Anyone that’s read Dale Carnegie’s book – I think it was How to make friends and influence people – will know that by asking people questions you also build rapport. And theseare people you definitely want good relationships with.

#5 Sincerity is the best tool you have for capturing content

The final thing is that you’d be amazed at how possible it is to do this. Now, I don’t want to say easy; but as long as you’re polite, sincere, and respectful with these people you’ll be amazed at how often they are willing to give up that 20 minutes of their time.

So, if you’re struggling to cut through the noise with your content then I’d really recommend considering some kind of influencer interview type strategy.

Need help capturing content from interviewees?

Then maybe we can help. We’ve interviewed everyone from industry heavyweights like Seth Godin and Rory Sutherland to aspiring agency owners and thought leaders. Contact us to take the next step.

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