Coming soon to a mobile screen near you

There have been mixed signals from Mark Zuckerberg regarding mobile. On the one hand he stated that a Facebook phone would be the wrong strategy but he has also repeatedly emphasised that they are becoming much more mobile centric. Recent changes to the news feed seemed to confirm the latter with much larger imagery and a more mobile friendly interface, but tomorrow is expected to see the biggest step yet towards Facebooks’ march on mobile.

Facebook will tomorrow hold an event in which they are expected to unveil details of Android software that will display content from your Facebook account, right on your mobile homescreen. The software will initially be available on HTC and is then expected to be rolled out across other android devices. Android Police got their hands on the system and concluded it resembled a “mostly stock, mid-range Sense 4.5 phone that was attacked by a mutant Facebook app.”

I must say it all seems odd timing; why, when they are already in the process of making Facebook much more mobile friendly, do they then need a dedicated device? And realistically, how many people are going to buy one? Why calve out a small niche when their model is all about mass adoption? It all seems a little gimmicky and out of sync with the broader strategy. Or perhaps I’m missing the point….

I guess we’ll find out tomorrow.