Content Marketing Part 6 – Maximising The Impact And Efficiency Of Your Content


We have a tendency as marketers to become so absorbed in the job of creating great content that we don’t think about t practically. We fail to consider how we can extract the most amount of value from our content, with the smallest investment of time and money.

Operational efficiency, while not glamorous, is often the difference between success and failure, so I want to talk through a few ways that you can achieve more with less.
– The first is a principle known as CODE, which stands for create once, distribute everywhere. The notion is simple – while you may wish to tweak your content for each channel, it makes no sense to approach each channel individually. Instead you should approach them collectively, so a video you shoot may go up in its full length on your blog, but then chopped up into smaller sections for social media. You may pull out some powerful snippets from it to create visual assets for instagram or twitter, and use the transcription as the basis of an email. You may even feature quotes from within the video in a white paper download. By chopping up the asset and using it as much as possible, you not only save a tonne of time, but ensure a consistent story is being told across all channels.
– The next piece of advice is to focus on evergreen content rathe than topical content. Evergreen content is that which won’t go out of date too soon, which means you can repost it every few months, unlike more topical content which is out of date often within hours of it being posted.
– Then there is the importance of website content. Unlike social media content which is typically ephemeral in nature and is being published on a platform that you don’t own, website content is all yours and will bring in search engine traffic month after month. In fact most ewebsites generate the majority of their traffic in a given month, not from activity in that month, but from old content that already existed from previous months. This compound nature of website content makes it so much more valuable than other forms of content, and is something that most brands underestimate.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, you need to ensure you are investing effectively in the promotion of your content, but I will tackle that one in a separate video.