Durex Jumps on Earth Hour with #TurnOffToTurnOn Campaign

Saving the planet and having a roll around; it doesn’t sound like the two go hand in hand does it? Well Durex have found a way to connect the dots between the two via their new campaign complete with the catchy hashtag #TurnOffToTurnOn.

The creative marketing bods have put together yet another clever campaign, urging the public to “reconnect” with their partner during earth hour which is tomorrow at 8.30pm. Complete with a viral video, Durex have successfully jumped on the bandwagon of earth hour, and have done the #earthhour movement a big favour by linking it up with sex and promoting the heck out of it.

Durex has long made a name for itself through pushing the boundaries of advertising with their near the knuckle and beyond campaigns, many of which have found themselves promptly banned and therefore added to the hype around their advertising efforts.

Here are some of the tamer adverts we’ve seen from the minds of the Durex marketing teams over the years.

Earth hour asks people to turn the lights off for one hour on 29th March to raise awareness and funds for charity projects relating to the planet. There are lots of events planned all over the world to mark this occasion, including a “special performance from Sophie Ellis-Bextor” – so if you aren’t doing what Durex suggests, there’s always that to look forward to ey?! Or perhaps simply sitting in a darkened room for an hour would be preferable.


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