Error 404, Marketing Not Found: Is Your Enterprise Technology Company Making These Common Marketing Mistakes?

Working within an exciting, fast-paced environment like an enterprise tech company can be a really appealing challenge for a range of marketers – from fresh-faced graduates to more experienced professionals. Whilst the notion of introducing new products and software seems exciting, the function of marketing for enterprise technology companies can radically differ from other consumer industries.

There are certain pitfalls that can befall any marketer new to the tech industry. But don’t start packing up your desk just yet! We’ve put together a list of the most common marketing mistakes made by enterprise tech companies so you know what to avoid and how to become the best marketer your company has ever seen. 

Mistake #1: A hyper-focus on product

The first mistake on our list is a slip-up that affects tech companies of all sizes. When a tech company’s marketing team is focused entirely on the messaging and promotion of new products, they’re not being properly utilised. 

Usually, marketing plays a seminal role in a business’s overall success and is deeply entrenched in the product production process. This is due to a marketer’s key insights on current and potential customers and the market at large. However, in some enterprise tech companies, product development is often led by a technologist team that is entirely focused on developing as quickly as possible without a strong strategy in place. In these instances, marketing for enterprise technology companies takes a back seat and is underutilised as a result. 

These enterprise tech companies need to better utilise their marketing teams so their products can be tailored to a target market. A product-focused development process that centres around technical innovation, with no consideration for the current market, may lead to some interesting products, but they’ll probably sell poorly. By thinking strategically, you’ll be able to identify who the company’s most valuable customers are, what products would most appeal to them and where to position marketing for enterprise technology companies efforts.

Solution: Prioritise strategy to drive production

Mistake #2: Slow first contact

We’re all working within a busy modern landscape of customers with short attention spans and a vast selection of competitors to choose from. The process of closing a sale with B2B customers tends to lag and take a while to actually close. It could take weeks for a customer to actually establish first contact with your tech company. More often than not, these leads are more concerned over which products might invoke a loss within their company than anything else. So, how do you quickly reassure any potential customers quickly and effectively?

Chatbots are a remarkably effective way to establish first contact with any potential leads. They allow for immediate reassurances to any questions or concerns that a customer may have and can direct users towards key landing pages to drive conversions and close sales. Any enterprise tech company can easily establish these simple, brief and instant conversations to provide additional, immediate feedback. Set it up on your most popular pages, which is most likely to be your home page, and you’ll be making contact with new customers in no time. 

Not only do chatbots provide an immediate response, but customers prefer them too! PSFK found that 74% of consumers prefer chatbots when they’re looking for instant answers. The addition of a chatbot is great for users that want to quickly source information about your tech company’s products at any time, but they’re also great for your marketing team. With a chatbot handling basic enquiries, you’ll have more time to work on important things. Chatbots are also great for data capture which can later be used for personalisation and targeting.

Solution: Chatbots allow for instant, all hours communication

Mistake #3: Generic content that fails to convert

All consumers are primed and ready to dismiss ads without a second glance. When content is so broad that it’s trying to appeal to everyone, it ends up appealing to nobody. Especially in a B2B space where lacklustre, generic content is rife. Boring content equals failed conversions and no sales for your tech company. 

The key to engaging content is personalisation. By targeting a select few highly engaged leads, as opposed to delivering standard, generic emails to thousands, your content is much more likely to convert. Users are keenly aware of data capture and know what items they’ll tolerate in their inbox and which they have no time for. It’s important to establish what products or services a lead shows interest in and to tailor your content accordingly. 

Personalisation has been cemented as one of the most essential tactics in marketing for enterprise technology companies strategy. It would be impossible and impractical to create highly relevant content for individuals, but you can segment larger key groups that fall under similar characteristics within your audience. By appealing to these specific groups that all have similar interests, your content is more likely to resonate and convert.

Solution: Personalisation allows for tailored content to engage leads

These are only a handful of solutions for budding enterprise tech companies of all sizes. For more marketing for enterprise technology companies advice, check out our Ultimate Guide for in-depth strategies. If your tech company is looking for more solutions to drive results, contact us today for a free consultation, or head over to our digital marketing page to see the other services we can offer to help your business grow.


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