For the 4 million users affected by Yahoo closing Astrid; which app should you use next?

I can see the reactions before I wrote this one but I really had to get my thoughts out there. In the hope that I may even be able to help one person who has been affected by Yahoo’s acquisition of the Astrid to-do list app, and it’s imminent abandonment on the 5th of August.

The foresighted reactions are based on the element of irony that surrounds this post… ‘If I were to just spend less time writing about needing a ‘to-do’ app to stay organised and actually just get organised instead, I’d probably have less of a problem’. This is quite possibly true…

But I also feel I cannot be the only one who went through a state of such grievance last week. I finally found a web based to-do list application with apps available for iOS. I had Astrid on all of my devices and had set myself up with numerous tasks for the foreseeable future. I felt as though from an organisational perspective, things were looking quite rosy.

Then came the news that it was due to be shutdown…

So since that date and in between pulling out hairs over trying to stay organised, I have been trying out many of the other free to-do list apps on the market, in the hope of finding something I liked just as much.

I finally settled on Wunderlist and have to say I have found it to be even better than Astrid though it was hardly the first app I tried before migrating.

Evernote, Sandglaz and were all tried in an attempt to find a really simple organisational tool that could be used to simply monitor my ‘to-do’s’ on a daily basis. They all fell short, except Wunderlist…

Would love to have your feedback if you have been in a similar predicament… Or if you are in the midst of having to choose a different tool right now, then give Wunderlist a bash!

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