GA4 alternatives for law firms – Part 3: Alternative platforms for you to explore

Google all but earns the search engine marketplace. If that was ever in doubt, a 2021 report showed the most-searched-for term on Bing was….yes, you guessed it, Google. So where does this leave law firms keen to break the mould by trying something new? Searching for Google Analytics 4 (GA4) alternatives would be the logical course of action – but how good are these tools and should you use them?

In this short guide we’ll discuss:

  • Tools like GA4 that you could use
  • Whether they’re worth switching to

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GA4 alternatives – what are they and should you trust them?

Switching to tools like GA4 involves taking a leap of faith. Here we break down these alternative platforms so you can make an informed decision.

#1 Clicky

This lesser-known platform might be one of the Internet’s best-kept secrets. And it’s hard to understand why – especially when you consider its potency as a real-time tool engagement measuring tool.


  • Uses heatmaps to explain visitor actions
  • Exports data and you can create alerts
  • Tracks every user action 

One of many GA4 alternatives, Clicky is free for one site that has no more than 3,000 views. After that, you would need to subscribe to its pro plan.

#2 Semrush

Keen to improve your brand visibility and gain fresh insights into customer behaviour? Then perhaps you’ll appreciate Semrush – an all-in-one marketing and analytics tool designed to help you up your content marketing game.


  • Provides insight into Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Pay Per Click (PPC) and much more
  • Suggest fresh ideas for content templates for up to 10 keywords
  • Lets you research and track up to 500 keywords 
  • Can crawl and audit 100,000 pages

Certain features are included for free and for as long as you have an account. However, you’ll need to pay to access the platform’s full suite of services.

tools similar to ga4

#3 Heap

Heap might not sound too promising – conjuring up mental images of piles of mess perhaps. In fact, this lesser-known platform is anything but. Instead, it provides a three-dimensional view of your prospects’ buying journey, empowering your law firm to delight, convert and retain more customers.


  • Recognises and removes friction points that might otherwise harm your conversions
  • Replays user interactions with your website – so you can spot strengths and weaknesses
  • Shows every user interaction for each service and for every site your firm owns

If you’ve been looking for tools like GA4 then this hidden gem is worth investigating – especially as Heap offer a free trial to new users.

#4 Matomo

An ethical alternative to Google Analytics 4? This platform lets you store and protect visitor data – but without any meddling by third parties. But there’s more to Matomo than simply keeping your law firm GDPR compliant.


  • Lets you add as many websites and users as required
  • Describes itself as 100% accurate, resulting in better decisions
  • Allows you to import GA4 data – so you won’t lose valuable intel

There’s zero cost to your firm if you host Mamoto on your servers but you’ll need extensive technical knowledge. Else you’re looking at £95.00 per month for up to 30 users.

#5 Simple Analytics

Does this platform live up to its name – elevating itself above other alternatives to GA4? A clear and uncluttered user interface makes navigating Simple Analytics easy – making it an ideal choice for non-experts.

Simple Analytics:

  • Lets you import your GA4 data – saving your intel in the same vein as Matomo
  • Tracks events like downloads and button click to deliver deeper insights
  • Automates reporting so you can schedule for whenever’s convenient

If you’re undecided then why not try the platform’s free 14-day trial to see if it works for your law firm.

Are you still debating? Then the introductory video below will give you a better feel for the GA4 platform.


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