GA4 For Law Firms: Part 2 – Using Google Analytics to take Your Marketing Next Level

In our previous blog, we gave you a high-level overview of Google Analytics 4 (GA4). But, to recap, GA4 analytics is the heir apparent to the software giant’s Universal Analytics product. How is it different? Equipped with machine learning algorithms it provides deeper insights into audience behaviour by tracking customers across multiple devices.


GA4 analytics also:

  • Understand customer spending patterns
  • Lets you identify trends
  • Anticipate churn

So how can you use Google Analytics 4 to up your law firm’s marketing game and get an edge on your competitors?

Here are a few tips to help you get started…

GA4 analytics for law firms: the features you must  master to make it as a maestro

Open up the dashboard in Google Analytics 4 and you’ll be provided with an array of options that you’ll probably find bewildering. Where should you start?

Here’s a breakdown of the platform’s best features…

#1 Putting pedal to the metal – understanding your customers’ lifecycle

If asked the question, would you know where your customers sit within the buying journey? Such nuggets of knowledge could help you target prospects with tailored content at just the right moment.

Enter lifecycle reports: a feature built-in to GA4 analytics that’ll help you pinpoint precisely where your customers sit within the sales funnel.

Using this granular detail you could:

  • Tweak on-page content to better answer questions
  • Create new pages to target different audiences
  • Target repeat visitors with tailored emails

GA4 predictive tool

#2 Terminate mundane tasks with GA4’s Artificial Intelligence feature

Google Analytics 4 uses AI to help firms like yours streamline workflow. All you have to do is feed it questions. For example, you might want to know when site traffic is lightest, or heaviest – or which countries prospects hail from.

Use GA4 and your firm will:

  • Develop more effective lead generation campaigns by targeting the right people at the right time
  • Save time otherwise spent trawling through metrics or struggling to find the right data

#3 Predict the future with greater accuracy (no crystal ball required)

Using GA4’s predictive metrics feature you can:

  • Understand purchase probability to a tee by reviewing recent visitors demonstrating a strong interest in your services
  • Accurately estimate four-weekly revenue based on user behaviour the previous month
  • Identify churn volumes by predicting which users are unlikely to engage next week

GA4 analytics


Google Analytics 4 is packed with features that, if correctly deployed, will help your firm create authentic and persuasive marketing strategies that generate more website traffic and leads.

Is GA4 hard to master? Yes but it’s also inevitable. On July 1 2023 Universal Analytics will cease working and users will be switched to the latest iteration – whether they’re ready or not.

Before delving into Google Analytics 4 make sure you:

  • Thoroughly understand your demographic and have segmented it into personas as far as possible
  • Frequently use GA4 to monitor user behaviour – so you can further sharpen knowledge of your audience
  • Use metrics to create content strategies while using A/B testing to see which titles, images, and layouts work best

If you don’t have time to master GA4 – or would prefer someone else to pick up the digital slack – then contact us today for guidance.
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