Hire a Fiverr copywriter or pay top dollar for a specialist instead?

You need content for a new ad campaign quickly. Or an email sequence due yesterday. Do you hire a Fiverr copywriter or start scouting marketing agencies? 

Hire a Fiverr copywriter? Pros versus cons

Fiverr is home to over 800,000 freelancers working across multiple marketing disciplines, including copywriting, graphic design, social media and even voice over work.

So, should you sign on the dotted line and start searching for freelancers or run a mile?

Pros of hiring a Fiverr Copywriter

Every cloud has a silver lining. With that in mind, here are a few benefits of using a platform like Fiverr.

#1 Costs are low

Hire a Fiverr copywriter and you needn’t  worry about exorbitant fees. Once you’ve published your project writers will tender for the work – meaning you’ll be able to cherry-pick. 

Cost isn’t everything, though. True you’re unlikely to find the next David Ogilvy on Fiverr but the copy should be error-free, explain the topic well, and encourage readers to take action. 

#2 Fast delivery

Freelancers turn work around fast  on Fiverr. That’s because the tendering process requires writers to commit to delivery milestones which they must abide by if chosen for the project.

Also, remember self-employed copywriters get paid on completion – so it’s in their best interests to finish quickly. Of course, this can lead to work being rushed. So, it’s important to vet candidates.

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#3 Payment protection

Hire a Fiverr copywriter and you’ll be protected. That’s because the platform will refund your payment in the event work (i) isn’t completed on time or at all; (ii) is of a poor standard.

However,  the funds aren’t returned to your original form of payment. They remain as a credit on your account – so you’ll have to spend the balance on finding another  writer.

Cons of hiring a Fiverr copywriter

Hiring freelancers using a platform like Fiverr isn’t right for everyone. Here are three downsides of using the service. .

#1 Plagiarism isn’t uncommon

Copywriters don’t need to supply credentials to use Fiverr. And, in any case, credentials can be faked – in the same way a blog can be  copied. 

So it’s best to run the copy through a plagiarism checker the work is unique. Otherwise your website could be punished by Google for duplicate content.

#2 Fake accounts

Whilst most freelancers on platforms like Fiverr are the real deal, scammers still attempt to fleece unsuspecting business owners in exchange for poor-quality or plagiarised (see previous point) content.

It’s not in Fiverr’s best interest to permit scammers. And so it operates a zero tolerance policy – regularly removing profiles and responding to reports from concerned users. But caution is still advised.

is Fiverr a scam?

#3 Disputes take time

As mentioned, Fiverr will refund your money if  work isn’t completed or of poor quality. However, these disputes take time. The onus is on you to chase the seller and it can take months to resolve an issue satisfactorily. 

Punitive measures are taken against business owners too and sometimes and for the smallest of infractions, resulting in their account being closed.


So, should you hire a Fiverr copywriter or not? If you need a one-off 500-word blog for £20.00 for then the risk is low. Worst case scenario: the work is poor and you have to edit it; or the writer reneges on your agreement leaving you twenty pounds down. 

That’s not okay when you’re spending upwards of £300.00 in which case you’ll want confidence in the writer’s ability and assurance that issues with quality will be remedied quickly and accurately.

Contact us now to discuss your copywriting requirements with total confidence.

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