How many pages should your website have? Size matters if your law firm wants to attract more customers

How many pages should your website have? There is no definitive ‘magic number’ and any content you publish should always add value.

The legal sector is highly competitive, though. Which means customers will thoroughly research the market before buying from you.

To do all this you need…That’s right, good content. And lots of it too, so your audience keep coming back for more until you get their buy in.

Here’s why ‘how many pages should your website have?’ should be the burning 3am question that wakes you up at night.


More content is good for SEO

Publishing often sends signals to Google that your website is still active. Those pages – loaded with rich and relevant keywords – will also help search engines understand the nature of your content which it will then show to your target audience.

‘How many pages should your website have?’ shouldn’t take priority over quality though. It’s better to publish high-quality blogs, guides, and landing pages that add value – by solving a problem or building awareness of your brand.

Digital ghost towns scare customers

A customer lands on your website. They are in the process of comparing legal firms in their area and have a list of questions they want to tick off. But there’s a problem. The last blog post was published 6 months ago with no activity since.

The visitor rightfully panics. Perhaps your firm is no longer trading. At the very least you don’t seem invested in answering the difficult questions your customers need answers to.

Regularly updating your website builds customer confidence in your brand in two ways:

  • By showing you are still in the game – as opposed to whitewashing the windows
  • By demonstrating your knowledge of the legal landscape through the publication of cutting edge content

poor website experience

Social proof makes your brand credible

When planning how many pages your website needs factor in testimonials, case studies, and white papers that will build trust with your target audience. Proving your pedigree through the creation of detail-backed articles that showcase you as leaders in your sector simply isn’t enough.

Instead intersperse your blogs with:

  • Customer-backed evidence – like written or video testimonials 
  • Statistical proof in the form of cases you’ve won or damages recovered
  • Ratings given by clients on Google, TrustPilot or similar platforms

Videos get 1200% more shares

Compared to text and images video gets better engagement. In which case how many pages should your website have that include video? 

Here are some ideas:

  • Create a video tour to build rapport with customers and publish it on your About Us page
  • Build a dedicated page where you publish Vlogs about a range of industry-related topics 
  • Publish some animated how-to guides to make your content more relatable

Personalising content matters, especially when the services you sell are complex. You can’t afford not to make video part of your ongoing website strategy.

how to create a website strategy

Your next steps: how to become a content creation machine – even with limited time, budget and resources

If you don’t have an in-house content creating guru working for your legal firm then how will you manage to keep on top of your workload? Even if you publish ‘just’ one blog per week that’s a morning of your time. Add video and case studies into the mix and the scale of the problem becomes evident.

Repurpose your resources by:

  • Updating old articles to reflect the latest industry changes
  • Turning social posts into short engaging blogs
  • Editing a long video into several short ones
  • Converting video transcripts into articles
  • Combine popular pages into an eBook

Still have questions?

How many pages should your website have? What’s the optimal length of a blog post? Do meta titles and descriptions really matter? 

Why not talk to someone. Book a free consultation with one of our experts now. 

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