How to get 5 star Google reviews for your accountancy firm



Knowing how to get 5-star Google reviews should form part of your firm’s marketing strategy. Why is social proof so important? Before investing in your service prospects want reassurance. 

Questions your customers will be asking include…

  • Are your claims backed up by genuine customer reviews?
  • Are those reviews overwhelmingly positive?
  • Are your accountancy services right for them?

In this very short guide, we’ll show you how to get 5-star Google reviews – improving the visibility of your brand.

5 easy ways to get 5-star Google reviews

#1 You don’t ask, you don’t get

Customers are unlikely to leave glowing reviews unless prompted to do so. So, provided they’re happy, reach out and ask them.

In your email don’t forget to…

  • Send them a link to your Google Business Profile
  • Explain which steps they will need to follow
  • Share examples of previous reviews 

#2 Requests reviews via your website

Not many people know how to get 5-star Google reviews via their website. And yet it can be accomplished in just a few short steps (no technical expertise required).

Simply sign into your Google Business Profile, visit the ‘Get more reviews’ section and create a customised URL.

This URL can now be added as a shortcut and shared with your customers – prompting them to leave great feedback.

sales funnel definition

#3 Wow your customers with great service

Impress your customers by being extraordinary and you’ll increase the chances of them leaving great reviews – no prompting required.

You could achieve this by…

  • Running customer support training days for team members
  • Going the extra mile to solve a difficult problem
  • Building strong relationships with them
  • Investing in customer support tools

#4 Reply to reviews: the good and the bad

Replying to Google reviews is essential. Ignoring them might indicate your customer service support is lacking – while deleting comments could backfire.

Conversely, by acknowledging poor feedback and redressing the error you can build trust with your audience and win new customers.

If you want to know how to get 5-star Google reviews, it’s often as simple as being highly responsive.

#5 Promote your successes frequently

Got a great review from a customer? Then share it on your social channels to establish brand credibility and perhaps remind existing customers to leave equally great feedback too.

Why not publish those 5-star Google reviews on your website and other online and offline marketing materials to increase exposure!

Need a helping hand with your brand? We know how to get 5-star Google reviews for your organisation – so book your free consultation to learn more.

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