How to increase email subscribers: a short guide for B2B organisations

Your target customers are bombarded daily by hundreds of emails – most of which go straight to junk or are routinely ignored. Why would they want to receive more? Knowing how to increase email subscribers will help you beat the odds.

With 91% of people checking messages on their smartphones daily, email should be an essential part of your marketing strategy. 

In this guide, we’ll:

  • Explain how to showcase your subscribe option to get more sign-ups
  • Discuss how to use copy to catch your prospects’ attention
  • Reveal how to use incentives to convert curious visitors
  • Show you how social sharing can boost join rates

In short, if you want to know how to effectively increase your email subscriber numbers you can’t afford to miss this indispensable guide.

Email Marketing

Knowing how to increase email subscribers 

Is your subscription option buried?

Maybe it’s hidden at the bottom of your home page. Perhaps it’s confusingly labelled. Either way, if visitors don’t know where (or how) to join, your numbers will remain low.

So, how can you increase your email subscribers? Adding a subscribe button to your website is a great way to get attention. Adding a link to your email and sharing it on social media will boost conversions too.

Alternatively, why not use a  pop-up form that activates upon entry or when a prospect exits your site. Pop-ups are more effective at converting customers than standard web forms and worth the investment.

Celebrate your success stories

Before submitting their email, a visitor will scour your site (i) to find out what you do; and (ii) seek out social proof. Case studies are a tried-and-tested way to back up your claims with incontrovertible evidence.

Adding testimonials to your site – along with some powerful stats – will also build trust and strengthen the credibility of your brand. 

In short, if you want to know how to increase email subscribers, the solutions can be deceptively simple and easy to execute.

Reward customers for subscribing

Why should a customer join your list? Naturally, your content will deliver long-term value – but, at this early stage, your visitor doesn’t know that. So you need to hook them in with an easy win.

Why not get their attention by:

  1. Rewarding them with a free guide – packed full of tips and tricks they can use immediately 
  2. Providing a free behind-the-scenes peek to pique their interest 
  3. Offering an exclusive discount available to subscribers only

Email marketing

Create outstanding content

The small details matter. If you want to know how to increase email subscribers, learn how to write crisp and upbeat content that explains the value your email content will deliver.

‘Subscribe to our newsletter’ is hardly intriguing. ‘Sign up to get free tips and tricks delivered straight to your inbox’ is clear, direct, and far more likely to capture a visitor’s attention.

Can customers share your emails?

If not, you’re missing an easy win. How can you increase subscriber numbers if you’re preventing advocates of your brand from sharing your content?

Why not:

  1. Include a share link in future emails, so customers can forward your special offers or expert guidance to friends and family – who may join your mailing list too!
  2. Embed social sharing functionality into the page where your subscribe link has been added so that happy customers can share the link with colleagues.

In short…

Clearly advertising and explaining your email subscription is essential if you want to increase opt-in rates and convert curious visitors into die-hard advocates of your brand. 

Knowing how to increase your email subscribers is one thing. Compiling the ideas in this guide into an effective marketing strategy is a new challenge entirely and requires considerable expertise.

With that in mind, if you’re not an email specialist…

…why not leave the hard work to us instead

We know how to increase email subscribers. If email marketing isn’t your area of expertise or your time is limited, book a free consultation with one of our specialists so we can tailor a solution to your business needs.

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