How to write stand-out lawyer biographies


The professional services sector has a reputation for being, how shall we put it, a tad…dull. Simultaneously constrained by guidelines – and with little to no knowledge of digital content marketing – such firms struggle to connect with their audience, instead producing lawyer biographies more likely to induce yawns than generate leads. 

This trend is also reflected in bios which are barely disguised itineraries and bereft of emotively charged content that might otherwise engage prospects.

Read on to learn how to write lawyer biographies that don’t just inform but also excite visitors to your website and encourage sign-ups rather than switch-offs.

How to write powerful lawyer biographies and get closer to your customers 

Outline your expertise immediately

Your bio isn’t really about you. It’s about what you can do for your customers. So, hook readers in by explaining who you help – and, just as importantly, your modus operandi. 

Whilst explaining your specialist area of law is important, take time to outline your other skill sets too. Are you a skilled negotiator? Then mention this early in your bio too.

Write like a normal human being

Push your legal lexicon to one side and imagine your customer is sitting next to you. Having conjured this image, write as if you were talking to them – using everyday language instead.

Using humour or anecdotes is a great way to build rapport with your audience at a time when they might be feeling anxious or stressed. So let your human side shine through in your writing and the results will surely be reflected in your lead generation.

Undercut your bio with social proof

If you want to know how to write a lawyer bio with real bite the answer is evidence. Evidence of past wins in the form of (obviously anonymous) case studies that solidly underscore your expertise.

Linking to these case studies in your bio will strengthen your reputation and improve the chances of winning your prospects’ trust at a time when their interest is probably waning. 

Briefly outline your credentials

Let’s face it, credentials aren’t exciting. But it’s still important to enumerate your expertise. 

By listing qualifications and experience you can build trust – increasing the likelihood of positive interactions.

To make your lawyer biography great…

  • Keep this section short and focussed to retain interest
  • Include links to articles you’ve written on your topic
    • To share content with them in the future; and
    • Help them learn more if they want to

Turn your lawyer biography into a video

People love consuming video content. It involves less effort while creating a stronger connection between the presenter and their audience. 

If you’re not sure how to turn your lawyer biography into an eye-catching video – or lack the expertise to do so – seek help from a third-party.

Worried about turning lawyer biographies into visual content? Perhaps these numbers will change your mind.

  • 54% of customers want to see video content from their favourite brands
  • Want to build better brand awareness? Then video is the best method.
  • Video is everywhere – Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and more.

Need help creating compelling lawyer biographies? Then we’d love to help. Book your free consultation today.

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