5 Inbound Link Building Strategies To Help Your Site Rank Higher In 2021

Are you looking to increase your visibility in the search engine results pages and drive more traffic to your website? Or perhaps you’re keen to boost your domain authority? Well, inbound links can provide a solution for all of this (and more). 

Now, you may be wondering: “What exactly are inbound links and why are they important?” In essence, inbound links come from outside of your website and domain and link to your website. To the search engines, these links are comparable to a recommendation from a reputable individual – so naturally, the more you obtain, the more reliable and trustworthy your site will appear to the likes of Google. And whilst there is no official confirmation, various studies and data support the idea that the “quality of linking sites and pages” seems to be a highly important ranking factor.

Google ranking factors infographic
Image source: SparkToro

Whilst Inbound links are invaluable for your business, they can also be tricky to obtain. But after all, hard work pays off. So, if you are keen to increase your quality & quantity of inbound links, just keep reading. 

#1 Write really great content 

One of the easiest ways to get inbound links is by writing great content that people can’t help but want to share. Consistently publishing high-quality content that offers value to your audience is not only an invaluable way to generate organic inbound links for your site but will bring a range of additional benefits too, including:

      • Increase your brand authority and trust 
      • build stronger relationships with your current and prospective clients 
      • Improve conversion rates

#2 Share free resources and tools

Another great way to gain inbound links is by offering free educational resources and helpful tools to your audience. It all comes back to providing value and creating something beneficial enough to make people want to share it. 

#3 Return the favour

You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours? By no means are we suggesting you should be engaging in spammy link building tactics – this will do more harm than good. Equally, it’s no use being all take and no give. Instead, link to quality content that genuinely benefits your audience and adds to their experience in some way. 

#4 Create shareable infographics

Visual content is highly shareable (providing, of course, it’s aesthetically pleasing) and even more so when it offers value to your audience – which is why infographics are so great. 

How-to infographic
Example of a shareable educational infographic (source: Venngage)

#5 Partner up

Are there any complementary products or services that would be beneficial to offer to your audience? If so, why not partner up with a couple of relevant companies which you feel could enhance your offering. Not only will you benefit from link exchanges, but you will increase your lead generation opportunities too! 

And it doesn’t start and end with businesses – influencer partnerships can be highly beneficial for your business, too. These are some of the most respected and trusted names in the industry, so a link from them is like gold dust. 

So there are 5 tips to help you boost your authority, build credibility and drive more opportunities to your site. If you want to keep track of your backlinks, you can use tools such as those offered by Ahrefs or SEMrush.

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