LinkedIn Influencers could transform your law firm’s social media strategy – here’s how…

If we asked you to name three social media channels associated with influencer marketing which would you choose? Facebook and Instagram would probably make the list. And then, after those, maybe YouTube or TikTok. Strange that LinkedIn didn’t make the grade, despite being the go-to B2B social platform for professional services firms like yours. The channel is positively overflowing with LinkedIn influencers too – many of whom have gargantuan followings and could help you reach your target audience.

The above assumes that (a) LinkedIn didn’t make your top three (apologies if it did) and that (b) your law firm specialises in Business to Business B2B services (the platform is less effective for Business to Consumer (B2C) companies – although still a strong marketing tool nonetheless.

So, should your law firm seek out these so-called LinkedIn Influencers or deploy a more traditional approach?

A LinkedIn influencer could help your brand:

  • Stand out in a busy and competitive marketplace
  • Grow your audience exponentially (and instantly)
  • Establish yourselves as thought leaders

Ready to take the next step? Here’s all the intel you need to make an informed decision.

nano influencer

‘LinkedInfluencers’ – gimmick or the real deal?

As with anything, there’s a scale. On the one hand, there are self-described LinkedIn influencers with follower numbers languishing in the thousands. Contrastingly many boast audience numbers of a million or more.

Research your prospective influencers in the same way you would any other purchase – measuring them against strict criteria you refuse to deviate from.

During your research:

  1. Note down how many followers your influencer has – are their numbers ho-hum or stratospheric?
  2. Analyse the quality of their posts and videos – are the commentaries on point and what is audience reception like?
  3. Take heed of their personality – are they coy, brash, annoying, or beguiling and do these traits dovetail with your brand?

Finding someone who’ll be a great ambassador for your brand and live by its values is essential. So look for reasons not to shortlist candidates and be merciless – because the consequences of hiring the wrong person could be catastrophic.

Do law firms really use Linkedin influencers?

Law firms don’t have a strong rep for being trendy. And that’s why only a select few have taken the plunge and hired LinkedIn influencers to front their band (or should that be band – they’re rockstars after all) and expose its benefits to a wider audience.

In other words, going against the grain could work in your favour. Your law firm would stand out from the crowd and perhaps even capture the lion’s share of its target audience (presuming your LinkedIn influencer strategy was well executed).

mega influencer

LinkedIn influencers – is mega, macro or micro best?

It’s important to manage expectations. Type ‘top influencers’ into Google and your list of names will include the likes of Elon Musk, Theresa May, and Chris Evans. These celebrities will be (a) way out of your budget and (b) not necessarily the best collaborators.

Oddly enough, even though mega influencers have tens of millions of followers, their engagement rates are poor. So even if you could afford to hire one the return on investment would be low.

Mega influencers notwithstanding, you could hire:

  • Macro-influencers – people with over 100,000 followers and who are fluent in numerous topics which increases their reach.
  • Micro-influencers – with follower numbers in the 1,000-10,000 range these LinkedIn influencers get arguably the most authentic engagement.

As is becoming clearer, it’s not about the number of followers a LinkedIn influencer can boast of but the quality of engagement they’re able to offer.

LinkedIn influencers aren’t after your money

At least, not in the vast majority of cases. That’s because these individuals are already successful at what they do – and therefore earning some hefty wedge. We’re talking about founders of highly profitable start-ups and board members who advise some of the world’s largest organisations.

So why on earth would these LinkedIn influencers want to represent your brand? Here are just a few reasons why…

  • They win followers (and maybe) business from the exposure
  • They establish themselves as thought leaders
  • They get to influence other decision makers
  • They remain visible to their audience 

macro influencer

How to use LinkedIn influencers effectively

Having found your ideal influencer, now what? You need to define a strategy that’ll help you get the most out of your new partnership – boosting awareness of your brand, garnering new followers, and generating high quality leads.

Here are three suggestions to help you get started…

#1 Podcasts

Podcasting is a billion-dollar industry, with people tuning in to listen on their way to work, at the gym, or while at home. This means your audience will be in a receptive state of mind and, arguably, more likely to buy.

Interviewing influencers in your sector will help you establish credibility through association and reward you with content that can be repurposed.

How can you repurpose a podcast?

  • By chunking the video into short segments and sharing it on YouTube and TikTok
  • By uploading your interview to podcasting platforms like Spotify
  • By posting the transcript and video on your website 

#2 Articles

Why not ask your influencer to write an insightful article for your website about a topic they’re familiar with. Next, share the content on your social channels – including a backlink to content in the comments section.

The benefits of doing this include:

  • More traffic to your website – improving its overall ranking and generating leads
  • A higher chance of going viral – thanks to your influencer’s vast network

LinkedIn marketing strategies

#3 Posts

Sometimes a simple post will suffice. So why not ask your LinkedIn influencers to talk about your services on their company page. Social media marketing needn’t be complicated.


LinkedIn influencer marketing could reap great rewards for your law firm. But success will only follow if you find a partner who mirrors your brand values. Hiring an industry celebrity with little thought could backfire and come across as a gimmick.

Also bear in mind that you need to build relationships with these influencers first. They’re not after money and, like you, want to protect their reputation by only associating with brands that will positively boost their public persona.

Need some help with your influencer marketing?

Alternatively you could trust the research and management process to us. Using our in-depth knowledge of influencer marketing and social media platforms we’ll seek out the best rockstars in your sector and form strong collaborations with them. Contact us to learn more.

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