LinkedIn Marketing for Law Firms – how to get more from your social media campaigns

Is LinkedIn marketing really the right move for law firms? Playing agent provocateur for a moment, professional services companies do have a reputation for being a tad beige. And, until recently, that’s how LinkedIn was perceived too. Now you might be thinking this sounds like a match in heaven. But hold on because LinkedIn has undergone something of a transformation in recent years.

A few years ago personal content started creeping into people’s feeds. Sensible posts about business strategy, market growth, (and other grown-up topics) were replaced by images of cats, polls about marmite, and other ‘un-businessy’ content. ‘This isn’t Facebook!’ came the rallying cry from across the digital trenches. 

But the opposite was true. LinkedIn marketing had undergone something of a transformation – whether the traditionalists liked it or not. Those who clung to their ideals like a rickety life raft in a stormy sea were doomed to sink. Meanwhile, those who chose to adapt reaped the rewards.

As a forward-thinking law firm, you’re undoubtedly looking for new ways to improve your brand visibility, reach your target audience and generate fresh leads.

Read on to find out:

  • Why LinkedIn marketing works for law firms
  • Which of the top brands use it successfully
  • How to kickstart your strategy with zero spending
  • The pros and cons of LinkedIn advertising

best b2b social marketing platforms

Three law firms that use LinkedIn marketing effectively

Some of the UK’s top law firms have built great success on the back of their LinkedIn company pages. And it’s not hard to see the appeal. With over 66.8million users the platform is tailor-made for ambitious firms keen to build strong partnerships, establish themselves as thought leaders, and win new customers.

Some of the top law firms using LinkedIn include…

#1 DLA Piper

With an impressive 237,367 followers and counting DLA Piper has established a strong presence – taking advantage of the platform’s many features and clearly demonstrating that LinkedIn marketing works.

The below screenshot shows a blog post on DLA Piper’s website which is linked via its feed to generate traffic.

online networking benefits

#2 White and Case

White and Case is a prime example of how LinkedIn marketing can transcend geographical boundaries to help law firms like yours tap into brand new markets and increase visibility.

In the below example White and Case shared their market trends report to showcase their expertise (and without spending a penny).

#3 Norton Rose Fulbright

This global law firm regularly uses LinkedIn marketing frequently – harnessing the platform’s many features to extend its reach and attract new followers.

In the example shown below Norton Rose and Fulbright use video to build engagement and compare two types of management tools.

linkedin networking for solicitorsHow to use LinkedIn marketing effectively

That some of the world’s top law firms are using LinkedIn marketing as part of their brand building and engagement strategy is encouraging. But where should you start? Here are a few tips to help you get off the blocks.

#1 Follow people

Before creating content you’ll need an audience – else you’ll be shouting into a digital void. So look for firms or people who might be interested in your services and start talking to them.  LinkedIn networking is a slow process but the benefits accrue over time – meaning consistency is key.

#2 Create, curate and correct

Interacting with your followers will help you grow your audience – but on its own, this isn’t enough. LinkedIn marketing is a bit like fishing. You need to cast out your line and see who takes the bait.

To increase your chances of success:

  • Post often and at different times of day
  • Respond to all replies to your post
  • Adapt content where necessary

Follow these three steps and you’ll attract new followers with each cycle. 

linked in marketing strategies

#3 Don’t bang the same drum

Great, your work-from-home poll just generated 1500 views, garnered 525 likes and won you 12 new followers. It looks like you found the magic formula! Time to post some more polls and watch those numbers climb.

If only LinkedIn marketing worked that way. Unfortunately, followers tend to disengage when they see the same content repeated in their feed – which is the last thing you want.

Keep your social content fresh by:

  • Using different media – including polls and videos
  • Sharing posts to showcase your knowledge
  • Recognising when trends begin and end

The trick is to keep your audience engaged by posting different types of content – so they’re always surprised and never become complacent.

#4 Keep an eye on your competitors’ social media content too

How do you measure up against your rivals? Make visiting their company pages a daily habit, taking care to note down what they’re doing well and what they could be doing better.

Take note of:

  • How often they post and when
  • The types of content
  • Views and reactions
  • Audience reception

This exercise will evolve a three-dimensional view of how your rivals are using LinkedIn social media to establish their brand identity, build engagement, and generate leads. By copying what they do well and excelling at what they do badly you’ll start to own content in your own particular sector.

LinkedIn for lawyers

#5 Spend money on LinkedIn ads

So far everything we’ve talked about is free. It doesn’t cost a penny to post organic content on LinkedIn and – if your targeting and posts are spot on – you can reach thousands of people.

If you can get more bang for your buck for free then why pay for your LinkedIn marketing? 

Good question. Maybe it’s not the right move. So let’s deep dive into the pros and cons of LinkedIn advertising.

The Pros

Painting by numbers

  • The platform boasts 706 million users – 80% of whom have buying influence
  • Conversion rates are (according to LinkedIn) higher than rival platforms
  • Almost every profession and sector is listed on LinkedIn
  • You can target virtually any demographic

Strong B2B (Business to Business) focus

LinkedIn is different to other social platforms in that it focuses on B2B marketing – meaning you can create targeted campaigns safe in the knowledge you’ll be reaching the right people.

Wide choice of advertising formats

Choose from a variety of options including:

  1. Message ads – the priciest by far but ideal for targeting multiple prospects in one fell swoop
  2. Sponsored ads – although expensive, these ads blend in with standard posts and feel less ‘salesy’
  3. Text ads – a simple, affordable, and effective choice for small businesses or campaigns

The Cons

New kid on the block?

If your business is new, LinkedIn ads might be the wrong move. At least until you’ve grown and have a decent advertising budget to spend. 

You see, LinkedIn advertising is expensive – a lot more so than rival platforms. So unless your firm is focused on ad spending it’s best to refrain.

You’re there to sell

Of course you are. What other reason could your firm possibly have for posting on social media? And yet LinkedIn isn’t a sales platform per se; first and foremost it’s a growth platform.

Slow burn sits at the core of LinkedIn which means building strong relationships takes time. So, if you’re looking for an ultra-fast lead generation mechanism, this isn’t the platform you’ve been looking for.


LinkedIn marketing works. But getting it right takes time. From attracting the right followers and honing your content to analysing your posts and adapting your strategies there’s a lot to do. Do you really have the time and expertise to create successful campaigns that’ll grow your brand?

Even if you’re willing to devote time to creating stand-out LinkedIn social media content you’re unlikely to see traction any time soon. This means your firm’s newly-appointed social guru will need to grind from nine to five – using every ounce of their intuition and resolve to create attention-grabbing content.

Leave the hard work to us instead…

We’re a team of focused B2B experts with proven experience in helping professional services firms like yours get better engagement, leads, and ROI from their social media campaigns. Contact us to book your free consultation.

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