Location SEO: 5 Benefits For Your Law Firm

46% of all Google searches are searches looking for local information. Think about it. As a consumer how often do you look for a new takeaway round the corner, see if the new hairdresser is open, or buy some local cinema tickets? As a business it’s the same. You’re searching for a new digital agency, a law firm, a recruitment firm etc. Location SEO is critical!

Google wants to show the most relevant information, and as such geographically accurate information is needed to satisfy the aforementioned 46% of local searches. Critically, Google assumes that someone searching locally is more likely to want immediate results, whereas someone searching generally is more likely to be looking for information. This assumption is perhaps even more accurate for location searches done on mobile, for which Google prioritises immediate results even more than desktop.

And though location searches may carry slightly less traffic load, the resultant benefit of that is said visitor is much more targeted and is generally slightly further along the buying journey.

So, the key question.

How does Location SEO benefit Law Firms? 

Targeted Visitors

Defining your target audience is essential to any digital marketing campaign. Where do they work, what is their job title, what are their interests? Where location SEO might also apply however, is do you have a geographic element to your clients/consumers. Are you a law firm that only works with clients within 20 miles of your office in Maidenhead, for example? Are there 4 towns nearby where you have offices? These questions factor into who exactly your target audience is, and therefore factor into your location SEO.

Targeted Visitors

For that reason, when someone searches a query like ‘family law solicitor near Maidenhead’, you want to be ranked 1st for that query. There’s a fair assumption there that whoever searches that query is looking for a law firm near Maidenhead, and whilst it might be slightly less searched than ‘Family Lawyer’, this person is clearly based near Maidenhead and has at an absolute minimum, an interest in finding out information.

Gain Google Authority

Location SEO is all about getting Google to trust your content and brand. Location pages therefore, provide a rich source of credibility to Google. If you set up a location based landing page you’re signalling to Google that this location is important for your law firm. Classically, most landing pages don’t have a location dimension, and Google will have to make assumptions based on your general website (if you have a location on there), or your GMB page (Again, if you have one). Thus, these targeted pages improve your SERPs for any future searches relating to your keyword with your targeted geographic dimension.

Less Competition

SEO is an incredibly competitive channel, and as such it can be very difficult to compete on high traffic keywords unless you have a significant brand established with resources to boot. Adding the degree of location will enable you to compete that little bit easier, as location terms are often searched slightly less, but for that reason are far less competitive. It also means your pages are going to be less at risk of being knocked off top spot, with less domains competing for your desired keyword/phrase.

Improved Conversion Rates 

Improving your location SEO is an opportunity to improve your conversions. With your traffic being far more targeted the visitor arriving on your site is likely to be slightly further along the buying journey than a more generalised keyword. That improvement in the quality of visitors can filter down to your conversions as long as your page is set up with strong CTAs, good content, and is UX friendly. Also, with the inclusion of a well structured GMB page, there’s an opportunity to generate more calls/inquiries via the SERPs. 

Conversion Rate

A Local Link Portfolio

Having a focus on location SEO might also mean you’re targeting backlinks from other businesses in your local area. The benefit of this is again improving your SERPs for your specified location, as well as considerably improving your domain authority. While some local businesses might not be as relevant to the legal sector as others, they’re still great for building a local community and network. 

Other Benefits

Having a specified location in your SEO improves your discoverability and visibility. Firstly your visibility on a tool like Google maps is improved dramatically. Secondly, if a prospect finds you in the SERPs having searched locally, and notices you’ve got an office in their town, there is an improved likelihood of said prospect popping into your office. 

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for some support with your local SEO strategy, or your general digital marketing strategy, contact us here for a free consultation! 

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