Why you need to start being more ambitious with your marketing


Decades ago David Ogilvy complained of marketer’s lack of ambition. He argued that with every campaign you should aim for something so audaciously ambitious that you could see it still being used 30 years later.

Unfortunately as digital marketers we tend to take the opposite approach, burying our heads so deeply in analytics and algorithms that we can barely see 30 days ahead, let alone 30 years. This is a huge problem.

Every brand is a publisher now, which means that simply having well constructed and professional content is not enough. You will simply not cut through the noise. Instead, you must set yourself a higher ambition. For example, if you’re a law firm targeting owner businesses in the technology sector, why wouldn’t you set out to own the leading legal digital magazine for the technology sector – why not? Even if you never quite achieved that goal, you would inevitably end up with better content, more engagement and a larger social community than any other law firm?

The great thing about a really big idea is that it then spearheads all of your tactics. It enables you to capture great content, it increases your reach on social media, it reinforces the positioning of your brand, it will probably even help you to attract links for SEO. Whereas when you approach each of these tactics in isolation you make everything so much more challenging and time consuming.

So devise two or three ideas so outrageously ambitious that if you achieve them you know the market will be changed forever. And if you dn’t, well you’ll still have delivered the best content strategy in your market.

See you next time.

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