Penguin 2.0 Rolls Out

Exciting news emerged today as the much anticipated ‘2nd generation’ of Penguin was announced to have rolled out. This comes as the 4th update since the spam fighting algorithm filter was launched back in April 2012 and is arguably the most significant. The filter released today has impacted 2.4% of search queries according to the latest blog post by Matt Cutts, less than the initial Penguin update, which hit 3.1%, but expected to be far more effective at targeting link spam.

Anxious SEOs will be checking their rankings today as practices that they adopted several years ago may be returning to haunt them. Penguin has been divisive in the online marketing community, one side hailing it as a huge achievement against spam, with others becoming tied up and frustrated with penalties.

From an Inbound point of view we couldn’t be happier as Penguin validates the long-term white hat approach that we have to earning rankings in Google.

Ranking anxiety is setting in though; please watch this video of Matt Cutts on Penguin from last week while I run some searches…


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