Podcast statistics – who listens to them, when, and why: a guide for law firms

When creating a marketing plan for your law firm podcasts are probably bottom of the list (or may not make the grade at all). And that’s understandable. Because your customers are busy people and would rather watch a 15-second clip on TikTok than sit through a ten-minute audio clip. 

And yet podcast trends indicate the opposite. People enjoy consuming information this way – meaning your law firm could be missing out on a growing and fully-engaged audience.

Here are some podcast statistics that might astound you…

  • The average length of a podcast is 38 minutes and 42 seconds
  • 24% of people in the UK tune into podcasts frequently
  • Most podcasts are found by word of mouth or research

Does this mean you should ignore platforms like TikTok in favour of podcasts? No, you should run both in tandem. But don’t be scared to create long-form audio content to reach your prospects.

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Podcast statistics that might surprise you

Where do people find podcasts?

People in the UK find podcasts across a broad spectrum of digital resources. The most common ones are (1) the BBC website and app (36%), (2) YouTube (26%) and iTunes (25%).

Where do people listen to podcasts?

#1 At home

64% of listeners digest audio content at home. Perhaps because they feel relaxed and can engage without distraction.

#2 Commuting

24% of people listen to podcasts on the way to work. This figure includes people using public transport or using cars or bikes. 

#2 While walking

Another surprising podcast statistic is that people like listening to content while out walking – maybe because it’s a better time to concentrate.

#3 During exercise

That’s right – 16% of people dial into their favourite podcast while pumping iron or pushing their physical limits on the treadmill or cross-trainer. 

#4 During work hours

16% of podcast listeners find time during their working week to digest audio content.

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What’s the average podcast listener’s age in the UK?

If pressed to answer the question you might venture 55. Perhaps because podcasts aren’t that dissimilar to radio – a form of communication that’s slowly being sidelined in favour of digital apps instead.

If you guessed 55 you weren’t even close. Published podcast statistics reveal the average age of listeners to be 26-35 years old in the UK. So your audience is younger than you probably first thought.

What devices do people listen to podcasts on?

This podcast statistic should come as no surprise. Leading the pack is, of course, the modern-day smartphone:  the device which we can’t do without  – whether we’re at home, travelling, or hitting the gym.

55% of people listen to podcasts on their smartphone, closely followed by:

  • Laptops – 27%
  • Tablets – 26%
  • Desktop – 18%
  • Smart speakers – 8%
  • Stereo – 8%
  • MP3 players – 6%
  • Smart wearables – 4%

Why do people listen to podcasts?

#1 Essential escapism

Podcasts allow users to retreat from the real world and immerse themselves in topics they’re passionate about but don’t have the time to explore during the day.

#2 The ability to multitask

Of all the podcast statistics listed this one makes the most sense. We live busy lives which means we often need to overlap tasks like cooking or childcare with learning or entertainment.

#3 Control over content

A big attraction for younger audiences is the control podcasting gives them. Unlike radio, they can actively search for topics that interest them.

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Which podcast hosting providers are best?

Before we get into these podcast statistics you might need to ask:

What are podcast hosting providers?

A podcast hosting provider will hold all your audio content. Not only that, the provider will automatically distribute your feed to well–known directories – including Google Podcasts and  Apple Podcasts. This will save your law firm time.

Are podcast hosting providers free?

Some of the more popular providers – for example, BuzzSprout – cost nothing to join. But free plans are usually limited to ‘X’ number of uploads per month, after which you’ll need to pay. So take time to shop around.

Without further ado, here are three of the most popular podcast providers:

  • BuzzSprout launched in 2019, is loaded with optimisation tools, and allows up to two upload hours. After that, you need to pay – the most expensive plan being £19.97 per month.
  • Podbean is cheap and packed with all the tools a beginner needs, Podbean offers an unlimited plan – no matter how much bandwidth you use per month. Your first five hours are free.
  • Captivate also offers unlimited shows and offers users in-depth analytics to help them understand – and adapt to  – listener behaviour. However, it does not offer a free subscription.


We hope these podcast statistics have helped you understand the benefits of creating a channel to engage with your audience.

Create a podcast and you’ll be able to reach prospects anywhere, anytime, and at a cost that won’t break your marketing budget either.

Finding the right format and podcast length, and knowing how often to post, are altogether different challenges you might struggle with.

Why not hand the hard work to us instead. Book a free consultation now to start your podcast journey.

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