Pump up your fitness marketing strategy to make some serious gains


Even a 5-lb dumbbell can stimulate muscle growth in a novice lifter. But repeat the same exercise over time and gains will diminish. That’s because the target muscle has become accustomed to the weight.

The same rule applies to your fitness marketing strategy. Repeat the same content endlessly and your audience will become jaded and seek inspiration elsewhere.

So, what can you do to make your fitness marketing strategy engaging? With an audit of your digital assets of course.

Five tips that’ll energise your fitness marketing strategy

#1 Make the most of your website

Reps lead to growth – and the same is true of website marketing. Other than email your website is something you alone can control and influence – so create engaging and relevant content often to remind your target audience (a) that you exist and (b) that you know your onions!

Other than creating fresh and useful blogs…

  • Make sure your website is easy to navigate
  • Create an easy-to-use online booking system
  • Provide social proof in the form of testimonials

#2 Get on top of your local SEO

This is especially important for small businesses going head-to-head against national chains. Competing for terms like ‘gyms in [your location]’ is a great way to outmuscle rivals – rather than trying to rank solely for difficult key terms like ‘gyms near me.’

As well as creating a broad and local SEO plan your fitness marketing strategy should also focus on:

  • Creating a strong Google My Business profile
  • Building a strong backlink strategy with local businesses
  • Forging strong links with your local community through:
    • Creating ties with local businesses
    • PR work in the local press
    • Social media content


#3 Hire a fitness influencer

Building an audience takes time. So why not partner up with a fitness influencer who already has a huge following to give your brand visibility a much-needed boost.

Your fitness marketing strategy could thrive or die based on the celebrity you choose – so select your candidate with care.


  • Is this person too popular? Big followings equate to big fees – and in-demand fitness celebrities may not have time to publicise your brand
  • Is their audience too broad? If so, this might make it harder to target your niche customer and generate high-quality leads

Instead, target micro-influencers with smaller followings in a niche area of your industry to improve targeting and conversions.

#4 Say hello with a video

Customers prefer videos. So, get your target audience pumped with some inspirational content designed to get them off that sofa and into your gym instead.

Why not create…

  • A who’s who video featuring your personal trainers
  • Transformative before and after case studies
  • A guided tour of your state-of-the-art facilities

Integrate video into your fitness marketing strategy and watch engagement climb – not to mention your ROI.

#5 Content, Content, Content!

And did we mention content? This isn’t a tip as such. But instead, a reminder to be consistent. Fitness marketing strategies must be consistent in order to be successful.

Not sure where to start with your fitness marketing strategy? Then book a free call with a member of our team today.

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