Quizzes and competitions – surely not! Surprising tactics law firms can use to increase brand loyalty

Is it just us or does the mere mention of quizzes and competitions conjure images of people hunched over tables in crowded pubs? And yet these methods are frequently adopted by some of the world’s biggest organisations to attract new customers. That’s right, by integrating quizzes and competitions into its marketing strategy your law firm could increase brand loyalty.

Think about it. How often have you, or someone you know, spent time on Facebook to complete a seemingly innocuous quiz? Simply by participating you’ve helped the organisation extend its social reach and may have warmed toward the brand yourself.

Read on to find out:

  1. How to create goals for your quizzes and competitions
  2. What steps you can take to target the right prospects
  3. Which quiz or competition formats you should use
  4. How to convert participants into staunch brand advocates
  5. Tips to promote your quiz, follow up with users and track results

brand awareness

We’re a law firm – won’t quizzes and competitions diminish our image?

The professional services sector has a reputation for being a tad beige. And that’s precisely why brands that go against the grain stand out in a sector dominated by firms following the marketing by numbers playbook.

Not convinced? Perhaps the following stats – created by Outgrow – will change your outlook…

  • 33% of quiz or competition participants are happy to receive follow-up information (some great remarketing opportunities here)
  • Contestants spend circa 2.5 minutes on a contest app – where else can you get a prospect’s attention that long for free?
  • Organisations build brand loyalty through quizzes and competitions, gaining up to 34% of new customers via this method

#1 Using goal setting to increase brand loyalty 

Your quizzes and competitions should be alluring and most certainly entertaining – but your end-game here is to convert idle users into engaged customers. So be sure to define your aims before posting your content on social media.

Your aim might be to:

  • Test users’ knowledge of a service you offer. For example, how much do your prospects know about inheritance tax? People love testing their knowledge so a post like this has a high chance of going viral – while also allowing you to identify audience pain points for future marketing campaigns.
  • Using questions to direct your prospects toward the right service – meaning that, at the end of the quiz, you’d be able to recommend the next step. You might not convert them but you’d benefit from deeper insight into their needs – and increase brand loyalty at the same time.

Planning is everything so resist the temptation to create content for content’s sake – because a scattergun approach is too indiscriminate and won’t yield the high-quality leads you need.

#2 Mining your data – how to capture the right targets for your campaigns

As touched upon just now, you’ll only increase brand loyalty if your quizzes and competitions are carefully designed. The aim isn’t to imbibe everyone to participate. Instead, you should target your ideal customer.

This means revisiting the customer personas you painstakingly created when first building your business. The more you know about them the better your targeting will become.

Perhaps your ideal customer is:

  • Adventurous – in which case you could team up with an outdoors brand to increase reach and lend authority to your post.
  • Traditional – meaning sharing on specific forums or more traditional social platforms would yield better overall results

Naturally, your target customer will strongly influence the types of quizzes and competitions you create.

using quizzes to generate leads

#3 Choosing the right quizzes – which types are right for your law firm?

Quizzes tend to fall into one of two categories: personality or knowledge-based. 


People love testing their general knowledge. So it’s no surprise that quizzes like these attract a lot of attention from social media addicts – who are likely to share their results with friends and family.

This is a great way to increase brand loyalty. Users who participate in your quizzes will probably follow you. And while their aim is to show off their results yours is to soft-sell your services and understand user behaviour.

Personality based

Creating a fresh series of questions that’ll help yours stand out will be the challenge. You’ll also need to make clear your intention. What exactly will the participant learn about themselves at the end?

Just as importantly, what information do you need from this exercise? Remember, this isn’t just entertainment. You’re trying to convert customers wherever possible and understand their wants and needs – so you can fine-tune your future marketing efforts.

#4 How to increase brand loyalty and turn curious prospects into loyal customers

Turn quizzes and competitions into effective marketing strategies by:

  • Asking users to provide their email addresses to receive results
  • Making your content shareable – increasing its exposure
  • Promoting it on all the big social media platforms
  • Following up afterwards via targeted emails

#5 Keeping the momentum – how to generate interest after your campaign has ended

Having gained your followers’ email addresses you can begin targeting them using the responses they provided when partaking in your quiz or competition. By now you should have a deeper understanding of their behaviour- whether they’re adventurous, cautious, or impulsive for example – and wants and needs.

  • Product or service information
  • Invitations to join a webinar 
  • Tailored blog content
  • Explainer videos
  • Case studies
  • Discounts

This is information you could use to engage with prospects via:

The aim here is to build trust as opposed to launching into a full-scale sales pitch that might encourage your newfound brand advocates to unsubscribe. Instead, to increase brand loyalty, deploy a softly-softly approach – until you reach a point where you feel comfortable making that request.

how to create brand loyalty

#6 Track, learn and repeat to enjoy continued success

Social media platforms provide a range of insightful metrics your law firm can use to understand the pros and cons of its quizzes and competitions.

  • How many took part?
  • How many completed?
  • How many shared?
  • How many followed?
  • How many subscribed?

Analytic tools should form the foundation of your quizzes and competitions – allowing you to continuously learn and, therefore, improve.


If your firm wants to increase brand loyalty, quizzes and competitions will help. This under-the-radar approach doesn’t brazenly announce itself as marketing – meaning participants let their guard down and willingly interact with your brand.

Having captured followers’ email addresses and social media handlers you can then start feeding them tailored content designed to provide value and keep your brand prominent in their minds.

Need to increase brand loyalty but not sure how? We can help

Whether you need to build customer personas, create quizzes, or master some other aspect of digital marketing, the Boss Digital team can help. Book your free consultation now.

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