Rise of the Glassholes: Google Glass available to the Public for One Day Only

Got £900 and a burning need to look like you’re from a 70s sci-fi B-Movie? Then Google has got some amazing news for you!

Google Glass, the weird wearable technology, will be available to the general (American) public for 24 hours on April 15th at a hefty cost of $1500 for the ‘explorer’ edition, a beta version of the glasses.

The exclusive piece of ‘smart eyewear’ has only been available to a pool of around 30,000 testers (or ‘explorers’, cause it’s Google and they have to have a cute name), who have been contributing to the refining process for the moment the glasses go on sale to the general public. Google describes the varied explorers as ‘moms, bakers, surgeons, rockers,’ but on the 15th they can go to anyone. Mostly rich people.

Glass has faced a wave of criticism since their introduction to the public, mostly due to their less than fashionable look, and the privacy issue of Glass’s ability to film anyone without their permission. Google is also currently working with Ray Ban to make a much funkier version of the glasses, but have yet to tackle the sticky issue of privacy infringement.

Google have also released an etiquette guide for glass users in preparation for this one day opportunity and the imminent public release. The main advice is to not be a ‘glasshole’ when using the glasses in public. Google has also warned users about ‘glassing out’, which is getting lost in the virtual world of glass and losing a touch on what’s going on in front of you.

Glass hasn’t been a huge success so far, with explorers having trouble with the beta model, including difficulties with navigation and taking calls, not to mention the strange looks of everyone on the train. However, constant developments and improvements means we may be seeing more Glassholes on the streets.

Would you buy a Google Glass? Is this the future? Or folly?

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