Should you outsource marketing to an agency or keep it in-house?

Hiring a digital marketing agency makes sense. After all, you’d be investing in specialists with in-depth knowledge of branding, website design, content writing and much more besides. 

And yet so many businesses refuse to outsource their marketing because:

  • They want to retain control
  • Due to budgetary constraints
  • Because of fear of the unknown

In this blog, we’ll break down three reasons businesses refuse to outsource their marketing – and why you shouldn’t worry.


#1 I know how to write – why should I pay you to do it for me?

Writing isn’t the hard part. It’s the preparation that comes before it that’s challenging. Consider the following before deciding not to outsource marketing.

  • Keyword research. Do you know how to find the optimal phrases to weave into your content?
  • Meta descriptions. Can you write captivating content to attract search engines in 160 characters or less?
  • Competitor & topical research. Have you got time to wrap your head around the topic and check out your rival’s content?

Outsource marketing and you’ll save time while also minimising the risk of error.

#2 Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) isn’t that hard, surely?

There’s more to SEO than just researching a handful of words and phrases and integrating them into a blog, article, or landing page. 

Do you understand the difference between:

  • On-page SEO – the content that’s within your control, like pages, outbound links, and site code?
  • Off-page SEO – those elements you can’t influence, like social feeds, inbound links, and reviews?

And that’s barely scratching the surface. Hire a marketing agency and you’ll be protecting your business from costly mistakes in the form of low online rankings, low engagement, and poor brand visibility.

#3 But I can hire graphic designers on freelancing platforms for £75.00!

True, you can sign-up to a freelancing platform and hire a graphic designer within minutes. And, yes, often you can pay peanuts for the privilege.

Here’s the thing:

  • Freelancers on these sites have a habit of disappearing
  • Credentials can be (and often are) faked by scammers
  • If the work is sub-standard getting a refund takes time

Outsource marketing to a reputable agency with demonstrable social proof of its success and you can buy with confidence instead – knowing your project is in safe hands.

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