The Best Social Media Platforms For Law Firms in 2022

The digital landscape is changing faster than ever. One minute Twitter has Fleets (an attempt to compete with Instagram’s Stories.) The next, Fleets are out, and Spaces are in. Just like with ever-changing SEO, the moment that you think you’ve nailed your social media strategy, a shiny new feature is implemented, and it all goes out the window. 

It’s difficult to keep up! Especially when you’re trying to run a law firm. Time is money, and you likely don’t have enough hours in the day to keep up with all the latest twists and turns that social media companies throw out. 

That’s why we’re doing the hard work for you. Keep reading to find out the best social media platforms for law firms in 2022. 

What are social media platforms?

It’s practically impossible to navigate the modern world without knowing what social media is. But, just in case we’ve got any time travellers in our midst, we’ll run you through the basics anyway. 

Social media platforms are websites that facilitate the sharing of ideas, thoughts, and information through virtual networks. Some social media platforms are strictly video-based. Others are primarily text-based. The specific post types will vary depending on the platform you choose to utilise.

Every social media platform has its own audience. For example, older audiences tend to use Facebook in their free time. A younger crowd takes to TikTok. And the corporate world dominates on LinkedIn. The key is knowing how to pick a social media platform, which audience you’re trying to reach, and how to produce content for that site.

The benefits of social media platforms for law firms

Before we choose which social media platform our firm will perform best on, we need to understand how social media will benefit your firm.

Brand awareness

The first and most prominent benefit of social media for law firms is spreading brand awareness. People are spending more and more of their time online – both personally and professionally. By publicising your law firm on social media platforms, you’ll be presenting yourself to plenty of potential clients. When you put your content in front of the right audience on the right social media platform, you’ll be sure to engage with a brand new set of leads.

Lead generation

Your clients (both current and potential) are already on social media platforms. They’re people too, after all. The statistics don’t like: 35% of lawyers who use social media professionally have been able to gain new clients as a result. Social media is an essential part of any marketing strategy and a powerful tool for lead generation. It’s a great way to share educational content, show off your firm’s values and proudly display your company culture.

Lead nurturing 

It’s a common notion to think that B2B businesses have no place on social media. Well, that notion is entirely wrong!  84% of C-level and VP-level buyers are influenced by social media. Just think of the number of potential clients looking around socials for the perfect law firm for their specific issue. Social media is a perfect place for lead nurturing. Especially if you’re creating valuable, educational content with lots of calls to action.

Becoming a thought leader

There’s a term that marketers love to throw around. Thought leadership. It’s a type of content marketing that positions you, and your firm, as the ultimate authority in your field or niche. By creating educational content in a format that your audience can easily understand, you’ll be sure to establish yourself at the top of the legal market.

Improving SEO

While your firm’s social media performance isn’t a direct ranking factor, there is definitely a correlation between improved social stats and your SEO standing. Google is always bringing in new features and recently has brought more dynamic results into search engine results, like live social feeds. It never hurts to stay ahead of Google and their mysterious ways (aka their algorithms.) Additionally, a strong social media following means increased traffic to your site and a boost to your visibility as a firm. 

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The best social media platforms for law firms in 2022

Social media is one of the best tools a law firm can use for organic lead generation. However, it’s essential that you choose the right social media platform to ensure your content connects with the right audience. So, without any further ado, here are the best social media platforms for law firms in 2022:


LinkedIn is incredibly effective for generating new clients. Don’t believe us? A study from Hubspot shows that LinkedIn is 277% more effective for lead generation than other social media networks. LinkedIn is so effective as a platform because it directly connects you with other professionals that are actively looking for a legal service. As a platform, LinkedIn provides an easy way to link up with those professionals and nurture relationships. 


As the original networking site, Facebook has a whopping 2.91 billion monthly active users as of the fourth quarter of 2021. While it is used as a personal platform, Facebook is also a fantastic place for law firms to thrive. 32% of Facebook users engage with brands regularly. Out of almost 3 billion monthly active users? That’s a lot of people waiting to engage with your page. 


Coming up in second place for the ‘monthly active users’ award is… Youtube! This social media platform has 2 billion active monthly users. It’s not just all kids, either. 36 – 65-year-olds (the ‘Baby Boomers’ and ‘Gen X’-ers) are the fastest-growing demographic on YouTube. In fact, YouTube watch time continues to grow among older audiences. It’s the perfect platform to reach decision-makers with long-form informative video content.


Although this platform may feel a bit left-field, stay with us. We’re willing to bet we can convince you. Like YouTube, TikTok is thought to be filled with tweens and tweens only – but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Plenty of law firms are going viral on TikTok and are seeing huge growth as a result. Check out our blog posts on law firms on TikTok to see these guys in action.

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We’re experts at crafting outstanding content for law firms here at Boss Digital. If you’re a law firm that needs an exciting, engaging angle on social media, contact us today for a free consultation.

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