Subpar Subs? Here Are 5 Tactics To Take Your Email Subscriber Lists From Zero To Hero

Email marketing should be a staple in every businesses’ marketing arsenal – and for the most part, it is. Almost 90% of marketers now use the channel as a means to distribute their content organically. And with an ROI of up to 3,800%, it really is no surprise.

Naturally, with figures like that, you’d be foolish not to jump on board. But often it’s not a lack of desire to take part that is holding businesses back, but rather a lack of know-how. And that’s where we come in. Today, we are going to run through 5 of the best tactics to help you overcome the very first hurdle of email marketing: getting subscribers. 

#1 Believe in the button 

As humans, we can’t help but click buttons – especially the big red kind. Now, this isn’t a sign to start plastering “do not press” buttons across your website, but rather to acknowledge the power of a simple yet effective message and an eye-catching button. 

CTA email signup form example
InVision make use of two eye-catching CTA buttons, each placed in prominent positions

#2 Give and you shall receive 

If you want someone to do something, you need to be explicit about what they will get in return. Perhaps it’s access to exclusive offers and content or maybe it’s a reservation for an exclusive event. Either way, you must ensure the benefits of subscribing are made clear from the outset – and more importantly, that you can deliver them. 

Some examples of email signup incentives include: 

  • Email courses
  • Access to downloadable resources
  • Exclusive insights and content
  • Offers and discounts
  • Access to events, such as webinars 
  • Giveaways

#3 Have faith in forms

Often, people place so much emphasis on new trends and technologies that they forget about the effectiveness of traditional tactics. A simple signup form can do wonders for your email lists – but when we say simple, we mean simple. If you get greedy and try to obtain lots of information, people won’t give you any at all. Instead, you should ask for the bare minimum; even an email address alone is enough. 

email signup form example
Boss to Boss keep things simple for users, requiring just an email address

Along with the length of your forms, you must also consider the placement. To determine the most effective spots for your signup forms it’s helpful to use A/B testing to see what works best with your audience. In some cases, you may even wish to include multiple forms on one page but do this only where appropriate as it can come across as spammy very easily.  

#4 Pop-up power

If you are looking to grab the attention of your audience, pop-ups will help you to do just that. And they will not only increase the visibility of your signup forms but also have a lot of targeting options, allowing you to tailor your message to particular segments. And as we know, the more relevant your content is, the better it will perform. 

When using pop-ups, there are several things you should consider, including:

  • How quickly it should be displayed
  • Who will see it 
  • The incentive for your audience 
  • The copy
  • The design
  • Required fields

#5 Think: links 

Whether it’s allowing your current subscribers to forward your emails to their friends and colleagues or simply adding links to socials and other channels to enable quick and easy signups, the link holds more power than you might think. 

Some examples of key places you should include links to your email signup page include:

  • Your email signature
  • Blog posts
  • Social media

But ultimately, of course, the content you send out will be the biggest driver of sustained growth. Remember: it’s all very well getting people to subscribe, but if you want them to stick around, you need to give them a reason to stay. To discover more, be sure to head over to our ultimate guide to email marketing where you’ll find all the tips and tricks needed to send your campaigns to the next level. 

If you’re looking for any more help with your marketing strategy, please contact us here for a free consultation!

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