The March of the Mummy Bloggers (and Why I Love Them)

I have to be honest, childless me does not exactly have the patience of a saint when it comes to other people’s offspring. I gather that it’s back to school time because for the last few days my Facebook has been flooded with photos of kids standing by doors, bag in hand and school uniform on. I don’t know these children. I barely know the parents. This endless stream of kids in badly fitting school attire does alert me to one thing though; the mummy bloggers will soon be back in force and this is great news for me, here’s why.

People Trust Mums

When it comes to guest posting efforts, getting a site that people trust is a sure fire way to ensure your guest post is also trusted which in turn can do wonders for a brand. People trust mums because they assume a protective role, an all-seeing eye and a problem solver. Most people turn to their mums when something goes awry or they need advice, but if they can’t go to their own mum they will almost certainly turn to someone else’s.

Mums are Efficient

There is nothing I hate more than a guest post being accepted only for the blogger to drop off the radar for weeks. My own experience is that mummy bloggers are much quicker to respond and post than any other so the whole guest posting process is wrapped up promptly. I sincerely believe this is because mothers survive on roughly 2.5 hours of sleep a night and therefore just get more done (my own mum likes to tell me she hasn’t slept properly since the day I was born, in 1987).

Mums Talk About EVERYTHING

Provided your content is geared towards the actions or information that a mum could benefit from, you can pretty much wangle most industry topics onto a mummy blog. That’s not to say you can afford to be sloppy. Mummy bloggers are a tough crowd so you need to work hard at your content and ensure it adds genuine value to your chosen blog.

Mums are Social

Mums love a chat; they talk over coffee with friends, on the phone with family and most importantly they love to tell everyone about what little Ellie has been up to on social platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. As you can probably guess I’m not too keen to learn what’s going on in the life of little Ellie, but I am certainly interested in how many others are. A loyal, large and active social following is often achieved by mummy bloggers more so than any other group, so if they also use their social presence to promote the latest post on their site it could be happy days for me and my contribution.

Don’t think that mummy blogs are simply full of advice on cradle cap and baby proofing; many of these mothers have simply taken a break from their careers to start their family and therefore have set up some fantastic blogs with highly intelligent and legitimate content on there. The March of the Mummy Bloggers is a force to be reckoned with and certainly a niche worth tapping into from a content marketing point of view.

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