The Worlds’ Fastest Ad Agency

That’s what they’re calling themselves.

Floyd Hayes has developed a reputation among his clients for “out of the box” thinking. Keen to practice how he preaches, the creative consultant has now smashed the box into a thousand pieces before using them to ignite his most lateral concept yet.

The model begins and ends with three steps:

  1. Pay them $999
  2. Message them your creative brief via Twitter
  3. Receive your concept in under 24 hours

It’s hard to imagine that this exchange of detail for speed will result in anything other than bad ideas being arrived at in record time, but for a full concept from a man with experience of working with some of the worlds’ largest brands, all for around £600, it’s certainly a punt I can imagine excited businesses taking. And judging by the many positive mentions of his new brand on Twitter, the wheels are well in motion.

Unfortunately I can also see this excitement turning to anger when the brave clients receive their idea and realise it was a small amount of money and a small amount of time that would have been better spent starting down the more conventional path. My concern is not that it takes 24 hours to come up with an idea. That’s actually quite a long time. My concern is more in stage 2. Fully understanding a brief is less about knowing the right answers and more about asking the right questions. Clearly Floyd Hayes disagrees.

There are a lot of positives; it’s a wonderfully imaginative concept and the price tag – which I doubt would get you much more than a handshake with Floyd in the real world – should hopefully set expectations realistically.

I just wonder how exactly he arrived at this brilliantly simple idea. Something tells me it involved more than 24 hours and a twitter message.


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