Three Roles That Will Define Every Great Marketing Team Of The Future


One of my many modest qualities is that I like to think I can see into the future. And within the context of marketing teams I see three things:

  • I believe every team will have a subject matter expert for their target audience. Let’s imagine it’s a recruitment agency targeting the technology sector. I believe that recruitment agency will have someone in-house who is not just up to speed on technology, but a recognised authority. This person will have their finger relentlessly on the technology pulse, they will be the face of their branded technology podcast, they’ll get paid to spend hours every day cultivating their personal band on LinkedIn, and they will speak at all the big events and  – not on the subject of recruitment, but on technology itself They will be a technology thought leader, but one that just happens to work fo a recruitment company.
  • Secondly, I believe that every great marketing function will contain one seriously funny bastard – humour is the ultimate sector agnostic weapon, and the more boring the product, the more important this personality becomes. They will be the mastermind behind all the best social media posts, including those in the “corporate” sphere of LinkedIn.
  • Someone responsible for strategic brand partnerships – it may sound like something that you’d only have in a big corporate, but the right partnership can be transformative to an SME. Take, for example, partnerships with charities – I’m not talking about a bit of CSR, but a proper strategic alliance with a charity that has some overlap with you in terms of vision o values – they will be able to open doors that would otherwise be double locked and their content and storytelling will achieve a reach and engagement that you could otherwise only dream of. I think we’re going to see huge growth in these kind of partnerships, and companies are going to need someone internally owning them, not least to ensure they’e delivering value as well as taking it.

You’ll notice something – I’ve not spoken about technology. Not because that it isn’t important – you already know it is. You don’t need me to tell you that if you enter culture will have to be tech centric if you’e even to exist in 5 yeas from now. But as ever the technology will be an enabler. So the real question is, what oles will you be enabling.

See you next time,


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