In Today’s Episode: 6 Benefits Of Podcasting Your Business Needs To Hear

Are you more likely to sit at home and read a lengthy blog post or listen to an engaging conversation during your commute or while at the gym? For the majority, the latter will be true. Aside from being more convenient, there’s something very powerful about the human voice; it conveys more personality and emotion than written words could ever and allows your audience to connect with you on a much deeper level. Podcasts allow you and your audience to come together in perfect harmony and can bring a range of benefits to your business. So, let’s explore some of the reasons you need to press play on podcasting

Build relationships

Podcasting is a great way to build genuine connections with your audience as it’s both engaging and personal. Your listeners will feel as if they are communicating with you on a one-to-one basis, and this direct communication will allow you to build more trust and stronger relationships with them. Now more than ever, this type of communication is valued as it enables those who feel disconnected from society – whether as a result of the pandemic or due to other reasons – to feel like they are part of a community, and they’ll really value your business for allowing them to do that. 

Increase reach & brand awareness

More people are listening to podcasts than ever before, with over 15.6 million podcast listeners in the UK alone – and it’s not just the number of listeners that has increased. According to TopRank Marketing, 62.6% of those who listen to podcasts say they are listening to more shows now than they were a year ago, meaning there’s more chance your podcast will be listened to by the people that matter most to your business. Additionally, featuring guests on your podcast can further increase your reach as it’s highly likely they will promote your show using their platforms, too! 

As previously mentioned, podcasts are highly engaging meaning your listeners are more likely to pay attention to what you have to say (and for longer) than if you were to send them an email or publish a blog post. Along with this, because of their engaging and personal nature, podcasts also make you and your business more memorable to your listeners, thus increasing awareness of your brand.

Drive traffic to your website

The simplest way to drive traffic to your website is by giving people a reason to do so. Whether it’s to access the episode transcript or download a specific resource, ending your podcast with a clear call-to-action (CTA) for your listeners is a great way to make the most of their engagement and drive traffic to your site.

Establish authority 

A podcast allows you to demonstrate your expertise and share your thought leadership on a much deeper level than sharing a post on Facebook, for example. While written content, such as blog posts, can have a similar effect, they lack the depth and emotion that a podcast allows you to share. What’s more, despite podcasting becoming increasingly popular, it’s still a relatively new concept, so being one of the first in your industry to host a podcast will establish your authority and build credibility for your brand. Get in early, and your business will become the go-to for information for your target audience. 

Improve conversion rates

Chad Sanderson, ValueSelling Associates, said: “Podcasting is, without a doubt, the single largest generator of new conversations in our marketing arsenal.” Why? Well, in a recent interview for Boss to Boss, Georgina Holt, UK MD of Acast, suggested that it’s the authentic and personal nature of podcasts that has helped many businesses to increase sales and improve their conversion rates. Georgina also shared that 76% of listeners have taken direct action as the result of a promotion they’ve heard during a podcast – pretty impressive, right?


If you wanted to, you could start a podcast today. All you need is a microphone (this could be the one built into your phone or laptop) and an idea, and you’re all set to go. It really is that simple. Of course, if it is something you’re looking to engage with long-term, then it is wise to invest in some equipment and software that will help to improve the quality of your podcast (but even then, there are still many affordable options available). 

Aside from the low startup costs, podcasting can also save you time (and therefore money) when it comes to producing content. Your show will be full of insightful and informative content that you can repurpose quickly and easily to create anything from blog posts to social media assets. 

Are you ready to make a sound investment and start podcasting? Check out our ‘How to get started with podcasting’ post where you’ll find everything you need to know to make your show a hit. Looking for inspiration? Check out our latest podcast episode here for free. 


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