Top of the pops: the best and worst social media trends of recent years

As summer concedes to Autumn perhaps now’s the time to cast a wistful glance at the months behind us. In particular, how has the social media marketing landscape changed – not just for the worst but the better too?

With that in mind let’s review the best social media trends of 2022 (and of course the year’s worst offenders).

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The best social media trends – tactics to help you increase visibility, reach, and engagement

Without further fanfare here are three social media trends of 2022 you probably know about (but don’t worry if not because you’re in the right place).

#1 Live streaming

Although relatively new, live streaming became cool in 2022 – thanks in large part to Twitch: one of the first platforms to demonstrate the pulling power of this feature. Not long after YouTube, Facebook, and TikTok followed suit and started featuring live broadcasts.

Why is live streaming one of the best social media trends of 2022?

  • It’s a market valued in billions with 67% of viewers spending an average of 7-minutes a day watching live video
  • It’s pandemic proof and reduces expense too – allowing your business to engage with prospects from across a distance
  • It’s an ideal way to showcase your expertise by hosting live Q&A sessions, webinars, and much more

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#2  Micro-influencers

You’ve probably heard of influencers. But what about micro-influencers? Hiring a social media wunderkind can be expensive. Plus, you’ll need to get in line because demand for these big hitters is high. Speaking of big, macro-influencers have massive followings – which makes targeting niche audiences harder.

Small wonder that macro-influencers are one of the best social media trends of 2022.

Hire one and you’ll:

  • Save money which you can use more sensibly elsewhere
  • Reach a smaller audience but get better engagement
  • Get a better overall return on your investment

#3 Social listening

What are the current trends in your sector? Trying to keep tabs on the hot topics driving change and customer needs is a full-time job. So, how are you going to tap into the psyche of your prospects?

The answer is social listening. Numerous tools now exist that alert you whenever your brand is mentioned – allowing you to respond to opportunities or diffuse potential bombs before they explode.

Answer The Public, for example, gathers and aggregates user searches – presenting them in a thought cloud that prevents businesses from wasting energy on answering the wrong questions.

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The worst social media trends (avert your eyes if of a sensitive disposition)

Not every trend reaches the dizzying heights its creators aspire to. Indeed, some fizzle out faster than a damp firework in a rainy Autumn sky.

With that in mind here are some of the worst social media trends of 2022…

#1 Clubhouse

Audio chat seemed like a novel (and, in a pandemic-centric environment) sensible thing to do. Instead of spending hours of precious time creating social media posts – or experiencing Zoom fatigue – users could talk to prospects or like-minded professionals.

Unfortunately, Clubhouse ended up in the dog house for two main reasons…

  • Once COVID-19 curbs were lifted people had less time to spend on audio-chat
  • Allegations of harassment led to droves of users abandoning the platform entirely

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#2 Trends

Trends are…one of the worst trends? True. That doesn’t make any sense. So let’s clarify. Businesses love to hijack what’s popular. And have done since the advent of social media.

But there’s no point in hijacking trends unless you’ve got a reason to contribute. Else you’ll be seen as a spotlight-seeker – and this will tarnish your brand negatively in the process.

So, yes, hijacking what’s popular is one of the worst social media trends in our humble opinion.

#3 Faking it

Being a brand is about living your values. When you don’t, it’s obvious. Maybe not to you but most certainly to your followers. And yet one of the worst social media trends is still fakery.

Examples of such dastardly fakery might include…

  • Using the wrong tone of voice to reach your audience
  • As already indicated, hijacking a trend ‘just because’
  • Pretending to adhere to a political or societal doctrine
  • Supporting a cause you don’t support – just to get attention

Be you. Be real. And don’t be afraid to showcase your true beliefs and values. That way you’ll attract your kind of customers.


Weathering the best and worst social media trends is par for the course in digital marketing. But it’s a lot easier when you have a helping hand. With that in mind, we’d love to help you grow your online presence. 

Contact us now to arrange a free consultation with a member of our friendly team.

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