Using ChatGPT for marketing – three easy ways to get started


ChatGPT soared to stardom in a matter of weeks and has since become the buzzword on every business owner and marketing entrepreneur’s lips. 

Unlike Google, the AI software participates in a two-way dialogue via prompts entered by the user – drawing on its vast knowledge amassed by reading digital and hard copy texts. 

But using ChatGPT for marketing – could that work?

Maybe. After all it can:

  • Generate code for web and other platforms
  • Explain tough topics in clear terms
  • Translate text into almost all languages
  • ‘Talk’ in a specified tone of voice – based on input

So is using it to attract customers such a stretch? Let’s find out.

what is chatgpt

#1 Ask ChatGPT to write your blogs

If you run a small business you probably don’t have time to write blogs – which can take up to half a day depending on length and topic.

To save time:

  • Ask ChatGPT to ideate a blog title by typing: ‘create a blog title that explains SEO to a beginner’
  • Next, enter the following prompt: ‘create an outline for the blog title ‘SEO for total beginners: an essential guide.’

Using the outline you could manually research the headings provided – or convert them into further questions for ChatGPT to answer.

#2 Research the best digital tools for your business

Using ChatGPT for marketing shouldn’t just be about researching, planning, and writing content for your blogs, guides, and landing pages. 

Instead use specific prompts to learn which digital tools could give your firm a competitive advantage over its nearest rivals.

  • Conducting general research? Then ask ChatGPT to list the best top ten – then scan through the list
  • Need to go deeper? Run a query along the lines of ‘tell me more about the [name] too’ to get the juicy intel
  • Want an ultra-specific response? Ask your AI companion ‘which free SEO tool is best for small businesses.’

From a marketing perspective ChatGPT makes total sense and could give your business the edge over its closest competitors.

a woman using chatgpt in the future

#3 Generate fresh and engaging prompts for your chatbot 

Asking an AI program to tell another AI program how to do its job might seem a little bit pointless. But hold that thought until the end because this tip is worth its weight in gold.

When suitably programmed a chatbot can act as an extension of your team – answering questions, collecting feedback, and educating customers about your product or service.

Get this wrong and the user experience fails. That’s why using ChatGPT for marketing could be your shrewdest move when you ask it to suggest prompts for your chatbot.

  • Which greeting is best for a chatbot on a home page?
  • How should my chatbot respond when out of hours?
  • What tone of voice is best for a chatbot in the legal sector?

Using a series of tailored prompts you can create a digital assistant that knows exactly what responses to give – and in a manner befitting of your brand too. 

Instead of using ChatGPT for marketing, call Boss Digital

Speak to one of our human experts today and take control of your digital marketing. 

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