Using Hootsuite social media – an introduction for accountancy firms

Are you keen to ease the pressure of having to manage several social media accounts all at once? If so, you’ve probably been looking for a viable social media management tool to save your business time and money – while also improving brand visibility and audience engagement. In this short guide, we’ll explore how the Hootsuite social media management tool could well be the antidote to all your digital woes.

But before outlining the benefits, what on earth is the Hootsuite social media management tool and why does your accountancy firm need it?

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What is the Hootsuite social media management tool?

Hootsuite is a fully-integrated social media management tool that helps businesses, bloggers, marketers, and influencers plan, schedule, and syndicate their social posts.

With Hootsuite you can:

  • Monitor conversations live – all from one dashboard
  • Analyse posted content – providing crucial insights
  • Schedule your posts – so you never forget

Why is Hootsuite so useful for accountancy firms?

There are three big reasons to sign-up for Hootsuite as follows.

#1 Save time

Maybe you run a small firm and don’t employ an in-house expert to run your campaigns. Or perhaps you have an on-site specialist – but that individual is overwhelmed with work. Either way, Hootsuite could save you time by allowing you to post on most major platforms (including Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn from one convenient location.

#2 React faster

The Hootsuite social media platform includes the clever Streams feature which lets you ‘eavesdrop’ on conversations as they happen and across multiple channels – so you can react to comments live. Imagine diffusing a concern before it becomes a complaint or converting an enquiry before the customer goes elsewhere.

#3 Deeper insights

Hootsuite’s in-built Analytics feature will give your firm deeper insight into audience engagement. Enjoy access to metrics surrounding posts and tweets, engagement levels, traffic, and followers too. 

Would you like to step it up a gear? Then you’ll be pleased to hear the Hootsuite social media platform can provide advanced metrics too.

Hootsuite can also:

  • Analyse the sentiment of inbound messages
  • Break down clicks by country or post
  • Isolate engagement according to type

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Three reasons accountancy firms use Hootsuite

Hootsuite is designed to help individuals and businesses execute their social media marketing strategy by providing all the digital tools needed to plan, schedule, and amass data in one simple location. This makes it easier to monitor activity and communicate with users in the event of a question or complaint.

Planning your social media activity

Businesses often prefer to plan their activity through the creation of a monthly calendar. This is where the Hootsuite social media platform excels – allowing you to delegate time slots to publish content on specified platforms. 

Why is Hootsuite’s post-scheduling feature so important? During busy periods it’s easy to forget (or put off) creating content. Then there’s the issue of timing. Perhaps your customers are active late afternoon – in which case timing your posts to arrive in their feed between 15-00-17.30 will have the best impact.

Overall this feature will ensure:

  • Your audience is targeted on the right channel and at the right time
  • Posts are consistently published – increasing brand visibility

Respond to and engage with prospects

Publish a post and, if your content and timing are spot-on, you’re likely to receive a flurry of messages from users. Responding to these messages quickly is key – whether your aim is to convert an enquiry or diffuse a complaint or concern.

The Hootsuite social media platform monitors user activity and identifies engagement opportunities which it siphons into dedicated inboxes for each of your channels. This means you can respond directly to enquiries. Meanwhile, the activity generated by all those conversations will give your post a boost – meaning it’ll appear higher up in users’ feeds.

This feature is:

  • Great for brand management – because your prospective customers will never be left waiting for a response
  • Ideal for promoting your values – because you can showcase your knowledge and customer support capabilities
  • A superb conversion tool – because it identifies potential leads while still warm

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Create reports packed with deep insights

How effective are your posts? Some might fly while others bomb. Understanding your performance across all channels is essential if your firm is to enjoy long-term success.

The Hootsuite social media platform lets you create reports by choosing from a range of templates that boast a range of integrated metrics designed to help you measure your results.

Custom reports can also be created with relative ease. Simply search for the metrics that matter to you most and, if required, add a social network category. Next, close the window. That’s it. Your report is created.

Reasons not to use Hootsuite

Is the Hootsuite social media platform perfect? No, it has its downsides too, a small selection of which are listed below,

Hootsuite cons:

  • It can be expensive. At the time of writing, you’d be looking at a yearly cost of £1,278.97 for three users and 20 social accounts.
  • Hootsuite’s analytics function only works for Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter
  • The dashboard can become cluttered, resulting in social media overload 
  • Understanding which comments have been handled is difficult
  • There’s no dedicated pause button to stop posts in a crisis


Hootsuite could save your accountancy firm time – an especially important factor if you run a small business and need your employees to be productive in other areas. In that respect, it’s the next best thing to hiring a Community Manager. But will it really take the pressure off your human resources? That depends on whether the team member responsible can cope with the cluttered interface which many users claim to find overwhelming. 

And yes, investing in the Hootsuite social media platform is cheaper than hiring a full-time employee. But how many channels do you run? If your firm is only on Facebook and Twitter you could probably manage your content without the extra investment.

Firms that create high volumes of content across multiple social platforms would benefit greatly from Hootsuite’s planning and scheduling tool – and, of course, the insights offered through the platform’s in-built analytics feature (despite it being restricted to Facebook and Twitter.

Or you could invest in us instead…

We’re a committed team of marketing experts with experience spanning all major social channels. From content planning and scheduling to execution and analytics we’ll create fully joined-up campaigns for your firm that generate engagement and ROI too. Contact us now to book your free consultation.

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