Using Semrush to manage your social media – an introduction for accountancy firms

Managing social media can be time-consuming for accountancy firms – especially those present across all major platforms. Do you have the capacity to post content and measure performance on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn, or would you prefer to make life easier? If so, the Semrush tool could be ideal for your business.

Semrush is a highly versatile tool designed for:

  • Businesses of any size and in almost any sector
  • Social media influencers and bloggers
  • Marketing agencies 

Market research is hard

What is the Semrush tool?

Semrush is an integrated tool that helps businesses, bloggers, influencers, and marketing agencies to improve their online visibility and enjoy deeper insights into customer behaviour. Its fully-integrated suite of tools and reports span Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising, keyword research, content marketing, campaign management and much more.

In short, there isn’t much the Semrush tool can’t do. Let’s deep dive into the specifics – so you can understand how this versatile kit of parts could transform your firm’s social media strategy.

Semrush features at a glance

The Semrush tool is packed with a range of intelligent features – so many, in fact, there isn’t room to include them all in our guide. Nonetheless, here’s a detailed breakdown of the top three.

#1 Content marketing toolkit

Content planning, creation, and distribution take time. How often have you struggled to plan topics for your social campaigns or found yourself overwhelmed by performance metrics? Semrush can help with all of these and more. 

How do these features work? Here’s a breakdown of each to guide you.

  • Content ideas. Semrush has an inbuilt Topic Research tool that lets you search for content ideas using keywords. As if that wasn’t enough it displays sub-topics and suggests titles you can use to get your customers’ attention.
  • Performance metrics. Once your content is live it needs to be monitored – so you can gauge engagement and overall performance. Semrush lets you track up to 50 posts – including those added by your competitors too. 

#2 Keyword research

The Semrush tool boasts a keyword research feature larger than any other database in the world (we’re talking over 20 billion keywords here – so you’ll be spoilt for choice. 

Why are keywords important for social media? You might want to run a series of targeted ads and track the success of that campaign over a specific time period.

The Keyword Overview Tool

Before deciding whether to use a keyword you’ll want to visit the Overview dashboard which will provide information about search volume, results, features and trends globally.

Semrush will also:

  • Display questions people ask about a specified keyword
  • Locate related keywords or phrases
  • Suggest viable variations

The Keyword Magic Tool

As an accountancy firm, you’ll want to locate keywords relevant to your sector and brand. Simply type in your preferred word or phrase and Semrush will display results that match your niche, topic, or keyword. Results are displayed in clusters in a sidebar that you can click on to find related terms and get deeper insights.

The Keyword Difficulty Tool

Before launching an ad campaign on social media it’s important to compare keywords and phrases – so you be sure your investment is sound. That’s where the Keyword Difficulty tool comes in.

Before making the final decision you can compare up to 100 keywords to ascertain how difficult and, therefore, competitive they are.

The Semrush tool uses a simple scoring system to help you make the right choices – three examples of which are shown below…

  • 0-14 – Very Easy. Quick results are likely due to less competition. But search volumes will be quite low – so manage your expectations accordingly.
  • 30-49 – Possible. Good results will follow provided your keywords are woven into a well-organised and logically structured piece of content.
  • 85-100 – Very hard. Time and effort will be required to get results when competing against rival firms for these difficult keywords.

Social media performance analysis and benchmarking

The Semrush tool makes managing and tracking your social media channels easier through the provision of a single user-friendly interface. What does this interface provide? Expect insightful data surrounding engagement rates, follower growth, how many posts you’ve published and much more. You can also track competitor performance and compare it with your own.

Identify trends before they become history

Spot emerging trends as they happen and identify which ones work best for your audience to get deeper insights into your social media content performance.

Schedule content and post it at the best times

Upload social media posts and automate them – so content appears at specified dates and times. Semrush’s inbuilt scheduler will even suggest optimal times to post – removing guesswork from the equation.

Boost your Facebook ads (but at a cost)

If you run ads on Facebook (or plan to) you can extend your digital reach by paying an additional fee. The Facebook Post Booster will also provide helpful stats to help you understand the performance of posts across time.


The Semrush tool comes equipped with a range of features designed to streamline your social media content creation. Struggling to find creative inspiration or the time to post? Not sure which keywords to use or want to know why some posts fly while others disappear into a digital dustbin? Semrush can solve all of these woes and many more too.

Although Semrush is user-friendly – and likely to save time and money – you might prefer to trust the hard work to social media experts instead. In which case why not contact us. We specialise in helping our B2B clients to generate better engagement and ROI from their content and can help you too. So book your free consultation now and let’s talk.

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