Vertical Video – “The Biggest Buzzword in Digital Marketing”

Vertical Video is possibly the largest digital faux pas ever to exist on the Internet. In fact shooting in a vertical format has its own ‘clinical’ name:

Vertical Video Syndrome (VVS) is a fictitious disease which satirically claims that those afflicted can only shoot videos in a portrait orientation, as opposed to the more viewer-friendly landscape mode.


Users are naturally used to watching video on horizontal widescreen formats, whether that’s TV, cinema or mobile. Video shot vertically and forced to work on a widescreen leads to large empty spaces that make for uncomfortable viewing.

This uncomfortable viewing results in a pretty critical audience who have to ‘put up’ with this awkward format; make the mistake on and you can expect your reputation to be left in tatters.

The problem has become so widespread that American rapper, Childish Gambino felt the need to do his bit for digital society…