What are the best alternatives to ChatGPT? Three options your accountancy firm needs to explore


You can’t turn on the television, scroll through your social feed, or listen to the radio without hearing about ChatGPT. A highly advanced form of Artificial Intelligence (AI), this technology is off the charts smart. Researching, writing, coding, theorising – it can do all these things and more much faster than most of us. 

But what are the best alternatives to ChatGPT (a service that is often down due to unprecedented demand)? Despite the hype there are plenty of other AI platforms out there with the same features and which deliver near identical experiences.

Without further ado here are platforms like ChatGPT which could help your accountancy firm cut through the noise and generate more leads!

Need more content but can’t afford a copywriter? Jasper’s got you covered

Your website is, next to email, the most important digital asset your accountancy firm owns. If you’re not using it to showcase your knowledge, entrancing prospects with rock-solid case studies, or generating leads via persuasively written landing pages you’re missing lost opportunities.

Organic SEO – the art of writing keyword-oriented content to rank highly in the SERPs and attract your customers’ attention – costs nothing other than the time it takes to create the content.

Now imagine if you could reduce the content creation process by half using an AI-generated platform like Jasper. Wouldn’t that make exploring the best alternatives to ChatGPT more appealing?

With Jasper you can use prompts to:

  • Conduct research around a specific topic
  • Generate headlines for blog titles
  • Create outlines for content

Equipped with a formidable memory Jasper will remember previous interactions – meaning your interactions with it will improve over time.

Hate writing but love numbers? Then try ChatSonic

Whether you like writing or not, numbers are your business and that’s precisely where your focus should be. That’s where AI writing tools like ChatSonic come in.

ChatSonic works on a number of levels including:

  • Content generation: from ideating outlines through to creating copy for ads, blogs and more it’s like having a mini writer in your pocket
  • Customer service: if you’re spending too much time answering calls your new AI companion can generate responses for you instead
  • Image generation: why not ask ChatSonic to conjure some ideas (all it takes is a single click)

Introducing Bard: Google’s very own alternative to ChatGPT

Credibility matters in the professional services industry. That’s why it’s important to generate content and responses that are fully up-to-date.

At the moment ChatGPT’s knowledge is limited to events that occurred in 2021 or earlier. This makes writing about current trends impossible.

Enter Bard: probably one of the best alternatives to Elon Musk’s trending venture and one your accountancy firm should experiment with.

Although still in Beta, Bard has great potential, thanks to its ability to source information from both past and present to create intelligent responses.

Informal content


Are the platforms covered in this blog really the best alternatives to ChatGPT? The AI sector is experiencing  a period of intense transformation and learning – much like when the public internet launched in 1993. This makes awarding first place to a deserving candidate next to impossible.

To remain credible it’s essential that you experiment with several platforms then check the output of each. That way you can decide which best meets the needs of your business.

Creating a checklist will help…

  • Downtime: how often is the platform down for maintenance?
  • Recency: is the software 2023 savvy or stuck in 2019?
  • Accuracy: are responses to questions correct?

Discuss your marketing plans with a human being – no robots whatsoever

Ultimately there’s no substitute for human creativity. So, if you need help marketing your accounting firm, drop our team a message and we’ll be back faster than ChatGPT can calculate the speed of light (okay – maybe a slight exaggeration).

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