What does keyword density mean and why is it important?

What does keyword density mean? It’s a simple method used to determine how frequently a phrase is used in a digital document – like a blog, brochure, or landing page. This might sound a little odd. After all, why on earth would you want to calculate how many times a word was used in a piece of work you’d just created?

The answer is simple: Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Overstuff your copy with a keyword or phrase and Google et al will view your content as spam.

And in a world where businesses rely on digital marketing to generate revenue remaining visible to customers is essential.

So, what does keyword density mean? Read on to find out…


It sounds really complicated – how do I know what my keyword density is?

Don’t worry. Calculating keyword density is easy. Count how many times your chosen word or phrase occurs in the document. Next, divide that number by the total word count and times by 100.

What is keyword stuffing and how will I know if I’m guilty of it?

Although ‘what does keyword density mean?’ is important, understanding what good looks like will be pivotal to your marketing goals.

Google offers no official guidelines on the topic. However, as a guide, a score of between 1-2% is considered to be optimal.

Don’t forget to include the following in your calculations:

  • Alt tags – optimised content hidden behind images
  • Metadata – the title and description for a page

What does keyword density mean in terms of my SEO strategy?

Achieving the number one spot on Google, or at least a page-one ranking is every marketer or business owner’s aim. But there are other boxes you must tick to achieve high rankings.

These include:

  • Media – using images and video as part of your content strategy will help your page rank higher
  • Speed – slow loading pages could scupper your efforts so test your website frequently
  • Design – user experience matters so make sure content is easy to navigate and understand
  • Links – creating outbound links to authoritative online sources will curry favour with Google

This list is not definitive. But alongside ‘what does keyword density mean?’ it should form part of your SEO strategy.

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