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2022 - Present

the client

Vision Health and Fitness offer the best gym experience in the Northeast of England, consistently investing in their facilities to create an exceptional environment for their members.

With elite level equipment, a huge variety of fitness classes and affordable memberships, Vision Health and Fitness provide unbeatable value for money in the Northeast.

the challenge

Vision Health and Fitness could envision exactly what they wanted; they just weren’t sure how to make it happen.

They wanted growth in membership sales, to be seen in a crowded digital marketing space and have consistent branding across the board.

We identified the following challenges:

  • SEO and Website Optimisation: The client’s website lacked proper search engine optimisation, resulting in low search engine rankings, limited organic traffic, and reduced online visibility.
  • Technical Issues: The website faced technical issues, including slow loading times, indexing problems, and schema markup errors. These issues impacted website performance and user experience.
  • PPC Readiness: The website needed preparation for PPC advertising to avoid ineffective ad campaigns and wasteful spending.
  • Content Management: The lack of a consistent content strategy on their website and social media platforms hindered audience engagement and growth.
  • Social Media Presence: The client struggled to manage their social media presence effectively, which caused limited follower growth.


Vision Health and Fitness were facing various challenges which hindered their online growth, brand visibility, and engagement with their target audience. They needed expert assistance to address these issues and optimise their strategy.

the solution

We began with a comprehensive one-off SEO service, conducting a technical website audit to identify any areas needing improvement. We also focused on optimising the website’s on-page elements to boost search engine performance.

We conducted regular technical audits to address issues related to website speed, indexing, crawlability, schema markup, and other technical elements. By proactively resolving concerns, we maintained the website’s performance and ensured a positive user experience.

We revamped their website to prepare it for PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising. The revamp was tailored to specific areas that aligned with their marketing goals, ensuring a seamless transition to their PPC campaign.

For their PPC strategy, we provided end-to-end management and optimisation services. This included crafting compelling ad copy and designing eye-catching ad imagery to maximise engagement and click-through rates.

Our team offered valuable website content guidance, delivering a clear vision for the copywriting of new website content. This included specifying page titles, recommending page sections, and suggesting a rough word count for each new page. We managed new page uploads and made copy tweaks and optimisations when necessary.

We also took charge of social media content creation and management, designing a dynamic content calendar with up to 12 posts per month on Facebook and Instagram. Our team wrote captivating content, designed engaging social assets and created templates from scratch.

the Outcome

As a result of our comprehensive marketing support, Vision Health and Fitness have experienced significant growth and success.

Within the first 6 months of our campaign, we nearly quadrupled organic website traffic. We improved their website visibility by quadrupling the amount of content visible and indexed to Google, whilst simultaneously improving site-speed. Operations Director Dominic Clauzel reported seeing dramatic increases in organic traffic, significant improvements in search engine rankings, and “a noticeable uptick in memberships”. 

Their revamped website was fully prepared for PPC, enabling them to run successful advertising campaigns with impressive results. We created landing pages with a clear and clean UX, capable of converting visitors arriving from paid ads.

By creating a consistent stream of content on their website and social media accounts, we drove a steady influx of highly targeted and qualified traffic. Our curated content calendar has lead to increased social media engagement and audience growth.

Overall, our partnership with Vision Health & Fitness has been instrumental in propelling their brand forward. By combining technical expertise with creative content strategies, we have provided transformative solutions which continue to drive success. 

Improved search engine rankings

Quadrupled Organic Traffic

Successful Ad Campaigns

Increased social media engagement

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