Is Brand Perception Linked To Employee Wellbeing?

It might sound like a bit of a leap to make the assumption that employee wellbeing plays a significant role on brand perception. The truth though, is that several recent studies would all but confirm that hypothesis. Up to 71% of consumers prefer to buy something from businesses whom they align their values with, whilst up to 90% of consumers care that businesses they buy from are looking after their employees.

Brand perception is critical, and employees are catching on that wellbeing is a critical factor as a part of that. The pandemic and its aftermath has resulted in ever more companies offering perks and wellbeing benefits to their employees. A great thing for employees, and a great thing for your brand perception, 2 birds with 1 stone and all.

Let’s take a look at why wellbeing is important for brand perception!

Cements Your Brand Values

This is very much a case of practising what you preach. If your brand values are all about being one thing, but you’re not reflecting those values amongst your stuff internally, there will always be a mismatch between what you say and what you do. That same mismatch will inevitably be transferred through everyone to your clients and customers. Creating a space for employees to harness those values is critical for your brand.

Creates A Positive Reputation & Builds Credibility

Brand perception is a lot about trust and reputation. How can a consumer trust that your customer service is as good as you say it is, if you don’t treat your own employees with those same values and level of respect. Building credibility as a brand is difficult, and can be an uphill battle. Showcasing how you treat yourself and your team, should be showcasing how you treat others, and vice versa.

Brand Perception Is About Trust & Credibility

Encourages Advocacy & Improves Service

Emotional and mental wellbeing is hugely important to the type and level of service you can offer your customer. Whether you’re a gym chain, a professional service business, or an e-commerce giant, creating a platform where employees can ask/receive help openly and easily, without feeling belittled, threatened, or stupid, is easier said than done. Improving wellbeing is one such way this gap can be reduced, and can lead to increased advocacy and better service amongst your team!

Hiring Talent

Hiring the best and brightest is important for any business. So, what better way to encourage individuals to look at your business than shouting what you’re about professionally, and personally. You need to display that you have an enjoyable, healthy, challenging, (or whatever other quality you’re looking for) workplace, and a wellbeing policy helps to inseminate good behaviours into everyone, improving your outreach for new hires!

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