Channel Your Inner Marketer – 6 Digital Channels Your Recruitment Firm Needs To Use In 2021

If your recruitment agency hasn’t already embraced digital marketing, now is the time to do so. With virtual becoming the new reality, more candidates and clients are expecting a shift towards digital recruiting; this means the majority now start and end their search for a recruitment agency online. So, it’s bad news if your online presence is weak – you will be missing out on a lot of opportunities. But fear not, digital marketing is relatively low-cost and getting on board might be easier than you think… so, where should you start? 

There is no quick fix for creating an effective digital marketing strategy; there are several areas you need to consider, each with equal importance. That being said, there are several steps you can take to put your agency in a good position. Today, we will explore some of the key digital marketing channels your recruitment agency should be aware of, starting with your website.


We’ve all heard the phrase: “First impressions count”, and here, they really do. Your website is the door to your business and the window to your brand, often the first port of call for your prospective clients and candidates. Making the right first impression is important, but avoiding the wrong one is fundamental. 

Not only do you need to ensure your site contains all the necessary information required to satisfy the search intents of your different target audience groups, you also need to nail the user experience side of things. This includes everything from loading speeds and navigation to responsive design and imagery. 

Huntress shows us how a killer recruitment agency website should look. Greeted by a powerful statement and a clear call to action (CTA), they really know how to drive candidates to make their first move. With a website packed full of insightful content, engaging graphics and persuasive CTAs, there is no denying Huntress knows how to make the most of their site.

recruitment agency website


Having a good website is great, but a powerful SEO (search engine optimisation) strategy is what will really drive results. With over 55% of job seekers turning to the Search Engines to answer their job search queries, you need to ensure your agency is presented as a solution by getting your site to the top of the Search Engine results pages. After all, who better to receive a recommendation from than Google itself? 

Naturally, with your site ranking highly for key search terms, your organic traffic will increase – but it doesn’t end there. SEO is not only great for driving more traffic to your website, it drives the right kind of traffic, too. Think about it: if someone has landed on your site via the Search Engines, likely, they are actively searching for a solution for a specific need, thus providing you can offer what they want, it is more than likely they will take action.

Content marketing

If you know anything about marketing, you will have likely heard the phrase: “Content is king”. From blog posts and videos to testimonials and emails, nailing your content is a great way to build awareness and trust for your brand and establish credibility for your agency. 

When done correctly, content marketing can keep both clients and candidates engaged throughout their journey and encourage them not only to work with your agency but to stay loyal to you, too.

For your content to be effective, it needs to be relevant to your target audience and offer value to them in some way. Market Recruitment ensures to keep their audience engaged by regularly publishing a range of targeted content to their site, including everything from blog posts and videos to podcasts and masterclasses. 

content marketing for recruitment agencies

Email marketing

The power of email marketing is almost unmatched: with the ROI reaching as much as 4,400%, it is safe to say that it is worth the investment. A cost-effective channel that allows you to generate leads and build relationships with prospects; email is great for any recruitment agency looking to make a lasting impression on their clients and candidates. 

With 85% of recruiters agreeing email is the most effective way to attract and build relationships with talent, let’s explore how you can make the most of this channel:

  1. Segment your contacts and campaigns to increase the relevance of your content
  2. Use personalisation where appropriate
  3. Make the most of analytics to identify the best time to send your emails
  4. Nail your subject lines
  5. Optimise every email for mobile
  6. Always include a CTA 

For more tips on how to nail your email marketing, be sure to check out our ultimate guide to email marketing here.

Social media

Social media recruitment is set to be one of the top trends in the industry for 2021 – but why? Well, more and more recruitment agencies are recognising the importance of understanding their target audience, including the channels on which they are most active. And, well, it is no secret that we are a generation ruled by social media; with a massive 79% of job seekers saying they use social media at some stage in their job search, now is the time to get #social. 

But wait, there’s more: social media is also a great way to find and research candidates. Agreeing, 87% of recruiters say they use LinkedIn to target and find out more about candidates, with Facebook and Twitter also being used by many for the same purpose. With the ability to target and build relationships with both passive and active candidates and clients, social media is a fantastic way to reach new audiences and generate leads. 

Showing us how it’s done, Propel frequently updates numerous social media platforms with a range of on-brand, informative, high-quality content that helps engage new audiences and build awareness of their agency. 

social media recruitment agencies

PPC advertising

Perhaps your SEO strategy is still kicking in, or maybe you are looking for that extra boost for one of your new job listings – the solution? PPC (pay-per-click) advertising. This form of Search Engine Marketing will put you at the top of the search results and is a great way to extend your reach, increase awareness and drive conversions. 

As the name suggests, with PPC marketing, you only pay when someone clicks on your ad, making it a highly cost-effective form of advertising. With one agency reporting up to 23% of their candidates come directly from PPC ads, it’s certainly a channel worth exploring. So, how do you get started? 

Well, if you are looking for an in-depth guide to PPC advertising, be sure to check out our latest ultimate guide here, but to kick things off, start by considering the below:

  1. Are your landing pages relevant to your ad? 
  2. Have you clearly defined your goals and target audience?
  3. Have you conducted thorough keyword research?
  4. Have you selected the most appropriate bidding strategy for your budget and goals?
  5. Have you chosen a relevant campaign type?
  6. Is your ad copy powerful? 
  7. Have you completed A/B testing?
  8. Are you continuously monitoring your campaigns? 

If you are a recruitment agency looking to upgrade your digital marketing, contact us today for a free consultation or check out our digital marketing for recruitment companies page to discover more about the services we can offer your firm.


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