Get Graphics for Less: The Best Free Infographic Software for B2B Businesses

Nobody wants to look at a towering wall of text. It’s boring, overwhelming, and just all-around not a good time. But what if you can’t afford a pricey subscription to slap up some stock images? And you don’t want to wander around town with your Nikon trying to catch some appropriate snaps? You need something that looks good and provides additional value to your content. You need an infographic! Infographics for B2B businesses are especially lucrative as they’re attractive assets that don’t have to break the bank.

What are infographics for B2B businesses?

Infographic is a portmanteau of ‘information’ and ‘graphic’ – meaning that an infographic is a graphic that visually displays a set of information. The process of making an infographic is sometimes called data visualisation because you’re (wait for it) making your data more visual. Infographics are great because they make often complex data understandable in just a single glance.

We use infographics in everyday life without even realising it. Traffic signs, the Tube map, weather charts, and more. Infographics are all over! They even predate the written word. Think about it – we were drawing on the sides of cave walls before we even had a word for ‘information’ or ‘data.’ Humans love to tell stories, and by using infographics, we can covey those stories in the oldest and easiest to understand language we have.

Infographics for B2B businesses are especially useful. They can easily convey complex information in a way that even the average layman can understand. Say you’ve got an important industry event coming up and requires a lot of explaining. Or you’ve coming out with a new service that gets a little complex. An infographic is a client-friendly way to introduce these concepts!

But if you’re not confident with plain photo editing software and need a little extra help with design (and, honestly, don’t we all?) you’ll need to scope out some infographic software. These softwares can get pricey fast. Luckily enough, we’ve found some of the best free infographic software for B2B businesses. Though plenty (if not all) of these softwares have a premium paid version, you’ll be free to make infographics without spending a penny to your heart’s content.


You’re a beginner in the wide world of infographic-making, and that’s okay. Piktochart is here to hold your hand through it. It’s by far the easiest to use software we’ve got on our list. It really does the lion share of the work for you with ready made cusotmisable templates. Their distinctly fun and engaging style makes this software a no-brainer for anyone that doesn’t have ‘designer’ in their wheelhouse just yet.

The only down side? If you’re using the free verison of Piktochart, then you’ll have to put up with a watermark on your infographic. Not the end of the world, but not ideal if you’re trying to pass off the beautiful design as your own… (We won’t tell!)

Canva (Infographic tool)

Canva is the big daddy of free content software – and for good reason! It’s interface is so intuitive and easy to use that your gran could use it. It’s great for all kinds of content creation from presentations to logo design. With plenty of free-to-use images, icons and fonts, you’ll be able to craft a great infographic in any style you can dream of.

It has an entire section dedicated to infographics with plenty of templates that are ready to use straight away. And if you feel like splashing out a bit, Canva has plenty of premium elements that go for as little as £1. Not exactly breaking the bank, eh?


You thought Canva had a wide selection of ready-to-go templates? Move over, there’s a new infographic software in town. Venngage is one of the most popular infographic software out there. It’s got over 8,000 (that’s right, THOUSAND!) templates that are sure to make your life much easier. Its clean interface is easy to use and also has plenty of free images to jazz up your infographics.

Its also got plenty of very shiny features, like being able to upload your own fonts, but these only come along with their paid version. If you’re going to be making infographics on the reg, it’s a great investment. If not, Venngage’s free version will definitely do the trick.

Infographics are a really fantastic way to engage your audience and help them to understand complex information. If you’re a B2B company looking to improve your content, you’re in the right place. Boss Digital is a team of expert marketers – from digital (it’s right there in our name) to content, we’ve transformed hundreds of B2B businesses and helped net them more leads than ever before. Contact us for a free consultation!

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